Tuesday, December 02, 2008

December Dailies

Ok, I didn't make the November blog post per day. I'm shooting for December, now. Why should this be any easier, you ask, especially during a busy time of year?? Well, I am working on a "December Daily" album again this year. Last year's didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped. This year, I'm doing things a bit differently, but still trying to keep track of at least one thing per day. Yesterday, December 1, we started the Christmas Mystery, as I mentioned we would. We last read it three or four years ago. My youngest had forgotten all the details, and plot! So it will be fun to read again, this year. It is like an advent calendar with pages to read everyday of December, and bits of the story unfold each time. Wonderful book, and I recommend it to anyone to read as a family.
My albino squirrel is visiting again, today, with the dusting of snow, he is safer outside and enjoys the corn I put out! :) I'm not sure if he's technically albino or just white, but nonetheless, he's unusual. :) Here he/she is in October when I got better photos of him/her.I have a few goals for today, like working on the stack of Christmas cards, organizing presents, and baking, as well as laundry (when isn't that on my list??). I hope your December has started off wonderfully! :)

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