Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's cold, here in the midwest, and has been for the last few days. Brr. The cold that chills you deeply the moment you step outside, and no amount of warm coats or coffee can warm the inside of you. :)
The break between posts has been longer this time, but nothing fantastic has happened. Well, I shouldn't say that. Each day with my family is fantastic, the sermon on the last two Sundays really were fantastic, my youngest daughter sang at a school function on Saturday and she was fantastic...
But the schedule just keeps plugging along. I subbed in kindergarten two days last week and fourth grade Friday and yesterday. A big jump from kindergarten to fourth grade. It challenges me to reset my mind and expectations. Both classes were good while I was there.
I've been working out the gym a few days per week to help me get stronger. Not like huge bulky body builder muscles, just stronger to help me with that fall marathon in under four hours! :) I am running, but less than I was. I have enjoyed my time at the gym, especially the yoga class. I thought yoga was slow, boring and didn't challenge my body. Boy, was I wrong! I've gone the last two weeks, and am attending tonight, and the instructor had us sweating! I felt the soreness that comes from a good workout the next few days, as well. And I really enjoyed the instructor! :)
I'm still juggling my way through my book club book, the Hemingses. I have yet to get into a rhythm that has me chugging along and not wanting to put my book down.
I have started a book with my youngest daughter and her friend. The book is Coraline. It's what the newly released movie is based on. I had heard the book was better than the movie, so we thought we'd read it first. It's a bit spooky, but good thus far. We read about two chapters per week and then discuss it on Fridays. Last week's discussion introduced them to the idea of foreshadowing and they are enjoying thinking about the concept. :)
That's really all from here. My youngest is about done with basketball, and my oldest is about to begin track conditioning. So, another busy spring schedule is sneaking up on us! :)
Hope your week is going well!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Quote

Saw this quote a while back-so long ago, I don't remember where, and wrote it down. Then I stuck it in my purse. I cleaned out my purse today and found the paper I'd written it on. Again, I thought "I really like this"... So, wonderful readers, I thought I'd share. :))

"Don't just live the length of your life, live the width of it as well." Daniel S. Goldin

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


  • I did get some running in, before the weather got frigid again. Ahh, the sunshine was wonderful. I'm looking forward to more of the bright stuff again tomorrow! Although the temperature will not show that the glorious sun is out, I'm afraid. :)
  • I got to be a substitute teacher in a kindergarten class. Both morning and afternoon groups of children were wonderful!
  • My photo/canvas arrived in the mail today. A dear blog friend took a wonderful photo of the beach (she is extremely talented!) and I asked her if I could have/use it. I had it made into a canvas that arrived today. My original intent was to hang it in the green laundry room, to make me think I was at the beach instead of doing laundry... However, I love the looks and colors of it so much, I wish I could repaint other areas of my house to match. Considering all the painting I've done lately, I'm guessing the husband will say-it should still hang in the laundry room, and no more painting for awhile! :)
  • I am feeling terrible about neglecting something that I firmly believe in... Thank You notes. I always write them, but for some reason, the 2008 Christmas thank yous have not been written. How utterly awful of me.
  • I have gone over my notes for the Thirteenth Tale, so that I will be ready to post discussions on it next Friday, the first discussion of the Well Read Ladies Online Book Club.
  • I have The Hemingses here to start for our next discussion... It's size is daunting... the nonfiction-ness of it is intimidating... but I look forward to the brain-strengthening challenge.
  • I have spent too much time on Facebook, even posting photos of high school this week. Some scary photos... :) But they were me, back then. :) I have enjoyed connecting with far-away family, that I probably wouldn't be able to keep in touch with very well, otherwise.
  • My husband and I begin teaching Sunday School this weekend. I am very much looking forward to it! I'm EXCITED! :) Ahem... teaching does that to me, even if it is only an hour. :)
  • I ordered my youngest daughter some small, inexpensive cookie cutters, so she can make these valentines for school. (It is our tradition for the kids to make their school valentines instead of buying character valentines. We like to be crafty like that. ;))
  • I saw a video that was great. It was a 16 minute short movie, if you will, but worth every minute. It made me smile. I don't know how to post videos on my own blog, so you have to go to this site HERE to see it. The post that the video is on is called You... You are awesome. You should see it. :))
I hope you are having a wonderful day, and week, that is halfway over already! :) I hope, also, that you are smiling as you leave this blog. :))