Thursday, February 28, 2013


Things I know and must accept about myself: *I go through bouts of lacking motivation. I slack off on doing laundry, cleaning, etc. and instead I surf Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Hoping it's winter doldrums and not sleeping well having an effect on me. I get lazy... not very often, really, but I do. *I like food. During this running injury time out I have put weight back on, since I wasn't running. I should be happy with myself, but that 80 pound high schooler who ran and ate like a horse all the time nags in my mind and memory that I need to get fit again (not back to that weight, mind you, that would require giving up afore-mentioned love of food. ;)) *I would love to be a regular, daily blog/journaler, and picture a day taker/poster, but I'm not. I just don't sit down and force myself to write. I should, it would be nice to give my husband's ears a break. ;) It's a habit I'd like to get into but I haven't. *I like wine. I like it's taste, comparing the types, etc. It's extra calories I don't need and it encourages me to snack while drinking it, too. Neither are good for the figure, but it's nice to sit with my husband, chat about our days and watch tv together (I probably like tv too much too...) *I have fallen so far behind in scrapbooking and Project Life-it gets frustrating-an overwhelming thought sometimes, about how I will get caught up... but it's supposed to be a fun hobby, right? These things are things I either need to work on or push aside and move past. None of them are terrible, but they frustrate me about myself, sometimes.