Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Present Participles for January 2015

Easing back into having just three of us here, again. Much needed phone conversations and texts, now that our oldest daughter is back at school. They have a short winter term at her school that most students don't attend so she has been home from mid-December till this past weekend. It was nice having her here-but I know she is glad to be in her own routine again. That doesn't stop me from wishing we were all in the same house again. 
Watching as our goldendoodle pup, Morgan swirves between being an ornery "teenager" puppy and that sweet, calm dog I can see her growing into. She laid at my feet for a long time today, as I worked, just quietly watching out the door.
Making funeral plans. It is my second/part time job, working for our church as funeral coordinator. We had one on Monday and another tomorrow. It has been so sad-the service yesterday was for a 21 year old and tomorrow is for someone who was 57. What is unusual is that she will be my oldest. Before her, my charges have been for people 56 and under. Tomorrow will be my 8th service. It has been just a little over a year. So blessed to be able to serve people hurting, aching, hollow and in need. But I take them into my heart and love them, pray for them and hurt alongside them. It can be an exhausting process.
Reading-still-Shadow in the Wind. It was good at keeping my attention for a while. The story seems rather good, but with my work for my husband's company, my first business trip and learning as much as I can about marketing, plus funeral coordinator job, the compartments in my brain are full at the moment. And this book required thinking. How do you break down time to read for work/nonfiction and play/fiction?
Loving my new nephew-he was born on the 24th. He is the only baby on either side of the family, now. Most nieces, nephews and our kids are between 3 and 20. My oldest daughter turned 20 on the 23rd. Hardly seems possible...
Posing-Headed back to yoga and loved it! Although, this week's class starts in a few minutes and I'm not going... I am getting there more frequently. And until this latest round of 6 inches of snow + some ice, I was running well. 
Listening-to the dog barking... She has decided to take after our beagle and bark. Ugh. We are working on it. Most people in our neighborhood do not-they let their dogs out into their fenced yards and do not control the barking. I find it frustrating and then I remind myself that I'm moving... But my current neighbors are great people and if the barking is worst problem, I'm lucky!
 Learning- Trying to gather, read and digest so much new information with this marketing job. Feel like I'm learning a lot, but not learning as fast as I used to! :)
Playing- Stupid Trivia Crack game on my phone. Love trivia but hate the constant interaction with it... Which is how I feel about most social media right now, I guess.
Enjoying-where I am in this life right here, right now. Sure, bumps along the way and I dread the big bump/waves coming, but I feel blessed and lucky right here, right now.
What are you doing this month?