Thursday, June 09, 2011

Summer Break

Summer Break has begun for me, today being my first day. The girls are on their second day, ending a day earlier than me. I have spent the day sleeping in a bit, and then napping a bit. This is not because I have had an exhausting year or anything... but my third antibiotic-requiring-illness has struck. I have had been worn down and tired, but was determined to fight whatever it was that was ailing me. Then, over the last two days, my lymph node swelled and my tonsil became "gigantic", in the doctor's words. I was told that "even if the strep test comes back negative, you need antibiotics". So, I am and I am letting my body rest and recuperate. We are going to have a lazy (read healing, for me) day or two around here and next week begin to tackle summer to-do lists. :)