Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hello, Reader! It's been a little while since I last posted. We have gotten more snow in the last few days, so the ground is all white, or dirty white where plows have scraped into piles. However, I smelled skunk last week. My grandfather says that is a sign that spring is around the corner. They quasi hibernate and when we smell them a lot around here, it's a sign that they feel it's safe to come out, that warmer weather, bringing their favorite foods, is on the way. Usually his farmer predictions are correct-more so than the weather men! :)

I've been running-around 3-4 days a week right now, and yoga on Tuesdays-very nice to get back to it! :) I haven't gone any further than four miles, usually stopping at 3.5, but I'm out there. I've lost a pound. A small hurdle, but I'm happy. I haven't had chips of any kind since Lent started, nor any alcohol. I gave them both up because they'd become bad habits as evening snacks every night! No wonder I gained weight! :) I haven't had evening snacks most nights, with crackers on a couple occasions. I've also been thinking about cutting back in other food areas, too! :)

I haven't picked up a book to read other than school items, and mostly it's been to grade or plan. It definitely keeps me busy. But, I'm hoping the greater the effort, the greater the reward and the more kids who learn what they need to know! :)

Not much more for now. Snow, work, family time (both girls have been busy with winter sports and activities!) and trying to get a run in.

I tried some new recipes this past two weeks. I will try to post them later today. I loved three of them, and was not fond of two. :)

Hope that you are well and under some sunny skies!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Office

So excited that all the furniture has been put together, put in place, and I love it. I have a lot of organization to do-especially with my scrapbooking items, but that has to wait until I'm caught up on grading, notes for parent/teacher conferences and lesson plans. :) Hopefully, today, though, while we're home on a snow day as we get even more snow, I can get caught up on all things (laundry, cleaning, school items and organizing the office... I'm sure there's more to do, but these are the immediate items on my list). I am still loving my colors-turquoise, black and white, and the arrangement seems to be working for me, so far. That's all for today. Stay warm and comfortable on this Tuesday, Readers, and stay safe. Without further ado, I present my office. :))

In the first photo, note the pic hanging on the wall upper right-my inspiration for colors. Got it off etsy & love it.

This bookshelf needs organization, but for now...

Here is the table where I plan on scrapbooking! :)

Here is where I have my items organized, such as paper and embellishments; still not a perfectly organized area, but eventually. :)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We got a lot of snow this weekend. Starting about noon on Friday, the flakes started falling and didn't stop until Saturday afternoon. I think we received about fourteen inches. The first day there were big, beautiful flakes, that made snow fun to play in. We shoveled the driveway into big snowballs, a snow fort and it was warm enough to enjoy being out in. On Saturday the wind became bitter cold. I got in part of my run outside, but the skin on my face paid for it-bitter wind burnt my skin into pink blotchiness. The girls didn't want to be out building or playing in it much, at first, but when friends called, they braved it for a while. We still have it all-it's not warm enough to melt, but the roads have been thoroughly cleared. We ended up shoveling three different times to get the driveway cleaned off. We're supposed to get about two more inches on Tuesday, on top of what we already have, since it still won't be warm enough to melt it. I think it's beautiful. :)

In other news, I picked my one little word, as I mentioned a few posts ago, and never even considered it is in one of my all time favorite songs: Amazing Grace. That song means so much to me that I can't sing the whole thing without tears. Today in church I began to sing and thought, "Hey, that's my 'one little word'".

My office is 90% put back together, all I need to do is have the husband put up a curtain rod and some pictures. I also have to organize my scrapbook supplies, but I am thinking that is a bigger job than I have with what's left of today... I also need to get the housecleaning done and schoolwork, as well.

I hope the weather has been kind to you, Reader, and your "one little word" is working out for you, motivating and encouraging you, too. :)