Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Ah, August

It's been a long time, again. Summer has been busy! :) We kept a daughter of a friend of ours for three weeks this summer, for starters. I think I've mentioned how I like to make it like "summer camp" for her. It was fun! :) We have also visited another possible college choice, with a few more scheduled in the weeks to come. I have tried to meet my "read more" goal, reading Killing Lincoln, Gone Girl and am halfway through the Discovery of Witches. I didn't like Gone Girl, as much as most people I know have. Just too much for me. I have loved Witches very much, can't put it down, thus little blogging. ;) I cleaned out one side of our basement crawl spaces, leaving quite a large pile of trash for our garbage pick up and an organized set-up in its place. I still have more "organizing to-do's" ahead, like the other crawl space. It seems mundane, I know, but I feel better once it's done. I've convinced the husband that we needn't keep all the junk that lies down there! So, it will be finding its way out of here soon! I have been watching the Olympics, though not as much as I have in years past. We have also been watching Gilmore Girls-It's a series I have enjoyed so much over the years, first seeing several episodes on tv, then getting dvds and watching them all in order a few years ago. I wished my older daughter would watch and love them... and eventually she had seen a few. She enjoyed it, but now, as we start from dvd 1 of season 1, we three girls have watched and love it. My youngest daughter proves to be my partner in crime in that we memorize and remember points/lines and bring them up again later. Working on a list of things to blog through August...So glad you are reading and checking in on me. :) Hope you are well, Reader.