Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 Day Organization Challenge

Hello! I have spent my week keeping busy! :) I have accomplished a lot on my to-do list, including cooking ahead/freezing some meals, planning for the next two weekly menus and some basic cleaning, too. I also worked on a scrapbook album I wanted to work on, for a gift. Not quite done, yet, hoping to finish it and mail it early next week. I still have a lot more I want to do, but spring break is over soon. So, I'm going to commit to the 30 Day Organization Challenge, and spend a little time each day organizing/cleaning something each day in April.

I've run the last four days, and walked three of the last five days, as well. Feeling good about that, but not about the "spring" snow we got last night. I know we sometimes get those pesky flakes into April, but I'm really ready for it to go away and not come back until next December or so. :)

I hope you are well, enjoying your spring and smiling!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I think I've mentioned these before, but I was updating my playlist for spring cleaning this week and thought I'd share again.

These are the podcasts I listen to regularly:
*Stuff you missed in history class (I personally don't love the older ones that are less than ten minutes because the hosts aren't my faves...)
*Stuff you should know (these guys, josh and chuck, really teach me a lot, and I do enjoy them, but they can get off track here and there, so I have to listen to them in one or two podcasts at a time and no more. I think I overloaded on a long run last summer, listening to 4-5 in one run and I burned myself out on the hosts for a while...)
*Tech Stuff you should know- I don't listen to every one of these, like the history stuff, but I pick out the ones I want to learn about
*Car Talk-I'm not a car buff but these two brothers are very funny and give me a chuckle every episode.
*Here is a list of npr's podcasts-they have a lot of really good ones I've enjoyed.
*One I really like is Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me
*There are also meet the author podcasts which are good, too.
*You can get Rick Steve's podcasts on destinations like articles on Italy, or Speaking Italian.

And they are all free, and as easy as music to download. :) My daughters and I are on spring break this week, and not going out of town anywhere. I have a very long list of spring cleaning I'd like to get done, thus working on my podcasts, play lists, so I can have a lot to listen to while I work. :) I hope you have a wonderful week!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Paper Clutter

I'm home today with my youngest daughter. She has what I had last week with the coughing, chest congestion, flu-like body symptoms so I'm taking her to the doctor later this morning, so I'm posting.

I know there are some of my readers who have no trouble with paper clutter. In fact, I don't find myself sitting in "clutter" per say, but I do feel like our filing system needs an overhaul. So, I saw a few blog posts recently and started to think about it again. Yesterday my husband did taxes. Although I was/we were very organized, with a "taxes 2010" folder, I did feel like I was searching for a few things that hadn't been placed into the folder. Currently we have three places for paperwork, many files in too many subcategories, papers saved that probably don't need to be... etc. I need to work on it. And, since I'm home and I don't want to spend all my spring break next week working on it, I am beginning today and thought I'd share the blogs that mentioned it. I hope you are not sitting in paper clutter, but that you find these sites useful. I also hope you've had a positive start to your week!
Organizing your way, creating a filing system that works

Project Simplify, manage your paper clutter

Simple Mom, paper clutter hot spot

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I stayed home from school/work again today since I was up all night coughing again. The cough that you can't stop even with medicine and you cough till you're sick. I slept today and, after my second nap was finally feeling a little better. My husband was coming home from work to have lunch with me, watch a little NCAA March Madness basketball before heading back to work. He called and said he'd be later than expected. He said he'd been in an accident. He's always joking so I thought he was kidding. Turns out he wasn't. All the people in the accident are ok, but our car isn't...

Feeling very lucky on this St. Patrick's Day that luck-blessings from God-were with him and he is ok!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Tonight I wanted to try some new recipes that were quick and healthy for dinner. My husband called and asked if I wanted him to stop at the grocery on his way home. So, I had him get the ingredients for the recipes below. When he got home, he assembled the wrap and I made the soup (without throwing it into the food processor, so it had a little more texture) and both were delicious. :)

Roast Beef Wrap with Horseradish Slaw
Fire Roasted Tomato Soup

We didn't do any chips, just the wrap and soup. Yum!! Two thumbs up for the meal, everyone liked it and it was not hard or time consuming! :)

Tomorrow we're making our traditional corned beef and cabbage, and my husband invited his family to come partake, as well. So, with my nephews and niece coming, I decided to add these two desserts on, also. :) Lucky Charm Cupcakes and Rainbow Pudding Cups, although I'm not making mine from scratch. ;)

In photo news, I've been working on my scavenger hunt from Postcards from the P.P. but I haven't gotten them all done. We're halfway through March, how's your photo taking going?

I've been coughing up a storm, didn't sleep well last night and am wondering when I will kick this illness and be able to run in the nice weather we're having... but such is life. I don't live in Japan, where terrible things are happening...poor people.

I hope you are well, Dear Reader, that the world news hasn't dimmed the light within you, nor has illness gotten you down today.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Check In

I have been sick. Bronchitis. A doctor's appointment and three prescriptions cause two days of work missed! I'm frustrated because I try to be healthy, washing hands, hand sanitizer when I'm not near a sink, running, eating healthy (except for evening snacks)... but the germs still got me. The doctor ordered two days off from work and I feel like I'm letting people down. I slept both days off and, although I don't feel 100% back to myself, I head back to school tomorrow. Hopefully these antibiotics can get me feeling like myself again!

Now, onto my weekend checklist!
To Finish:
*Laundry-I got some done, but not caught up-the germs were starting to hit me and wore me down!
*House cleaning-again, some but not all
*Resume and cover letter work-I updated my resume and am very happy with how it currently looks. I worked on cover letters, a list of places to send them, and finished two online applications with two others in the works. I actually spent a lot of time polishing and re-polishing one for a local children's hospital. It was a job similar to what I do now, but for sick children who are stuck in the hospital, I think. I had my husband look it over for me to catch any mistakes and I got ready to send it in... and they had removed the job posting. Honestly, I had refreshed the window several times to make sure it was still available, but the moment I went to send it... gone. I was bummed.
*A long run, if I feel better-no. I felt too bad to even run. Sad. The last two days we have had warmer weather, too. I saw many people out and running yesterday, but I didn't get to.
*Paperwork-some but not all. My desk is covered in lists of local schools, copies of my resume, references and other information.

Play List:
*scrapbook! I have a few projects in the works, as well as Project Life, and a gift I'm making!-Nope, didn't get to do any of this, too much resume work...
*read-my two new books are calling for me to get back to reading! :) I did start the latest Tea Shop Mystery by Laura Childs, got to read the last two days while I waited for my medicine to work before naps.
*fiddle with my phone-I did look at a few apps and put in some new info, but not a whole lot of new things.
*Watch basketball-college basketball-I did watch quite a bit while I laid and rested!
*Work on reading about/listening to podcasts about Italy! I got a little bit of this done, too. Yes, some time, after school is out we will be going to Italy and are all very excited. :))

I will post more later. Back to resting! Have a good day, Dear Reader.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Finish It Friday!

Yes, these posts on Creative Organizing always inspire me to post what I'd like to finish over the weekend. It makes me feel accountable, and hopefully, even though I'm not feeling like myself, yet, get more accomplished and feel ready to start the week!

Finish It Friday

To Finish:
*Laundry-we haven't done much this week and are way behind. Need to get caught up!
*House cleaning-always a weekend task around here, and feels so good when it's done!
*Resume and cover letter work-I've been updating and met with a friend of mine to make changes. Now, onto finishing the changes and where I send them, etc. I also need to update my online resumes.
*A long run, if I feel better. I ran yesterday and ended up feeling worse for the wear instead of better (which is usually the case with just a head cold, I run, I clear out my head and feel better...)
*Paperwork-my office desk has gotten very messy. I need to work on our paper files, also.

Play List:
*scrapbook! I have a few projects in the works, as well as Project Life, and a gift I'm making!
*read-my two new books are calling for me to get back to reading! :)
*fiddle with my phone-I got a new phone since mine was down again and the warranty didn't cover it so we got a new one instead of paying for repairs on a phone that would likely break again soon. No wonder that model has been discontinued! I'd like to figure a few things out with it, besides the basics.
*Watch basketball-college basketball: "March Madness" is one of my favorite sports/seasons. I'm excited to be watching things unfold this weekend!
*Work on reading about/listening to podcasts about Italy! We're going to be making a family trip to Italy and have begun the planning process. I am excited to do more research! :)

I have listed ten things... we'll see if they get accomplished. There are many more things I'd like to have on my lists, just to try to get it all done, but I feel like this is a realistic list. :) What do you have planned for the weekend ahead? I hope you are healthy, Dear Reader! :)


No, not ketchup or catsup-catch-up! As in, I need to catch up on all my blogging! :) Here are the recent highlights:

*Work is going well. I worked with kids the last few days, checking in on things they have learned and they did such a great job! It's good to see them remembering strategies and concepts! :) They crack me up, as well. I work with some so closely that they feel comfortable mentioning anything to me and sometimes it just makes me laugh! :) I am really lucky to have a great job, working with wonderful people, too-the staff and principal do good things for kids each and every day. I'm very thankful!

*I did miss a day this week from illness. I had a cold, which I think wore down my immune system, letting a 24 hour stomach bug set in. I rested all day and that helped. Usually, even if I'm sick I watch tv, work/document/blog or clean out emails, but I just laid in bed, blew my nose and napped! I fear the yuckies have moved from my head/sinus/nose to my chest. I've been coughing lately, too. I have not been sick as much as I have been in the last couple years. Maybe from being around a variety of kids/germs? Or less sleep lately?

*Less sleep-not sure why this is since I've been having less caffeine and more exercise, but I have been waking at weird hours.

*My running has gone well-for the last 2 1/2 weeks I have run 5/7 days and watched what I ate. I've felt good about my health lately. Still a lot of work to do, but I feel like I've moved a little ways off the plateau I was on.

*My girls are doing well-one is done with basketball, the other has one last indoor track meet this weekend and then we move onto outdoor track/meets.

*My reading has certainly slowed in the Pumpkin Muffin Murder. However, I got two books last night that I've wanted for a while, so I will be reading those! :) I have also stepped up my Bible reading and, along with my family, have instituted time each morning (early, before work and school) we are spending time reading as we wake. It's been nice thus far! :)

*I lost inspiration for blogging, picture a day, journaling a day, etc. with the two family deaths and dreary, gloomy weather, but I am renewing those quests today! :) I actually saw a glimpse of sunshine this afternoon.

*My heart and prayers go out to all those suffering from the latest natural disasters. Seems like there are more and more lately...

I think that's all for today. I hope you are well and safe, dear readers.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Short Post

It's March, my February journaling, posting and other things are behind me, now. I will post again, soon, but I saw this and wanted to share. :) I thought it was cute! :)