Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Check In

I have been sick. Bronchitis. A doctor's appointment and three prescriptions cause two days of work missed! I'm frustrated because I try to be healthy, washing hands, hand sanitizer when I'm not near a sink, running, eating healthy (except for evening snacks)... but the germs still got me. The doctor ordered two days off from work and I feel like I'm letting people down. I slept both days off and, although I don't feel 100% back to myself, I head back to school tomorrow. Hopefully these antibiotics can get me feeling like myself again!

Now, onto my weekend checklist!
To Finish:
*Laundry-I got some done, but not caught up-the germs were starting to hit me and wore me down!
*House cleaning-again, some but not all
*Resume and cover letter work-I updated my resume and am very happy with how it currently looks. I worked on cover letters, a list of places to send them, and finished two online applications with two others in the works. I actually spent a lot of time polishing and re-polishing one for a local children's hospital. It was a job similar to what I do now, but for sick children who are stuck in the hospital, I think. I had my husband look it over for me to catch any mistakes and I got ready to send it in... and they had removed the job posting. Honestly, I had refreshed the window several times to make sure it was still available, but the moment I went to send it... gone. I was bummed.
*A long run, if I feel better-no. I felt too bad to even run. Sad. The last two days we have had warmer weather, too. I saw many people out and running yesterday, but I didn't get to.
*Paperwork-some but not all. My desk is covered in lists of local schools, copies of my resume, references and other information.

Play List:
*scrapbook! I have a few projects in the works, as well as Project Life, and a gift I'm making!-Nope, didn't get to do any of this, too much resume work...
*read-my two new books are calling for me to get back to reading! :) I did start the latest Tea Shop Mystery by Laura Childs, got to read the last two days while I waited for my medicine to work before naps.
*fiddle with my phone-I did look at a few apps and put in some new info, but not a whole lot of new things.
*Watch basketball-college basketball-I did watch quite a bit while I laid and rested!
*Work on reading about/listening to podcasts about Italy! I got a little bit of this done, too. Yes, some time, after school is out we will be going to Italy and are all very excited. :))

I will post more later. Back to resting! Have a good day, Dear Reader.

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