Thursday, March 17, 2011


I stayed home from school/work again today since I was up all night coughing again. The cough that you can't stop even with medicine and you cough till you're sick. I slept today and, after my second nap was finally feeling a little better. My husband was coming home from work to have lunch with me, watch a little NCAA March Madness basketball before heading back to work. He called and said he'd be later than expected. He said he'd been in an accident. He's always joking so I thought he was kidding. Turns out he wasn't. All the people in the accident are ok, but our car isn't...

Feeling very lucky on this St. Patrick's Day that luck-blessings from God-were with him and he is ok!

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iJuls said...

I'm breathing a sigh of relief for you too. And thanking God that everyone involved is okay.