Friday, June 20, 2008


The girls are feeling better! They really seem like they're on the upswing! :) We're not waking them every four hours for medicine and liquids. They sleep fine and wake up thirsty, but not in agony, so that's an improvement! :)

I just finished my long run for the week. Ten miles. Didn't feel great, but finished the distance. My parents are coming for the weekend, so I thought I'd get it out of the way.Nothing like Momo and her ironman this week! She will swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and then run a marathon! She's awesome! :) Good luck, Momo! You'll do great!!

Still reading the Big Green Purse. Taking a lot of notes, it's very informative!

That's really all for now. Hope you are well!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Girls and books

The girls seem to be feeling better today, although ear pain is worse for them. Our youngest slept great last night and seems to be feeling better.

I finished Steve Martin's book "Shopgirl" last night. Not great. Felt anticlimactic, to me, but it just wasn't my kind of book from the get-go.

Now I'm reading a new book. I'm on page 33 of 394, I think. A long way to go, but already tons of info. It's called "Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World" It is about protecting our environment and health, and the different ways we can do that. This book talks about global warming, greenhouse gases, water and air pollution, health hazards from everyday chemicals... sounded overwhelming and depressing when I first started reading, but it has already given me tips on how to prevent some of these things, and things to watch for. I already feel more informed. For instance, on page 27 I read that a vendor can give his livestock as little as five minutes of fresh air and still call it "free range". I thought "free range chicken" was as good as organic... totally not so. The USDA is very vigilant in it's "organic" labeling, though. If it says "100 % organic" labeled by the USDA, then they've thoroughly checked it and it is. If a food item says "contains organic" peas or tomatoes, then those things are organic, but not other things in it. I've also learned that there is no governing body that decides if something is "biodegradable", "natural ingredients" or "hypoallergenic" so the company can put those on it if they want to... even if it isn't. Obviously, if it says caution, warning, danger, or poison, that's a signal.

A few sites I found interesting lately, some of which were mentioned in this book (none are meant to offend, just to be a link to information if any reader is interested...):

I'm working on getting more information so I can be a better consumer. Just thought I'd pass along some of the beginning information I have found. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

My girls

My girls are having two very different days. Our oldest seems to be recuperating quite well, but the medication has attacked the youngest and her stomach has been upset all day. She's gotten sick a few times, though nothing to worry about, says the surgery center. Still she says she feels horrible and needs me to make it better. Stinks that I can't. I hate that feeling. The cool washcloth, soothing words, reading books, tucking her in... can't help her stomachache. Hopefully a good night's rest helps...
Finished the memoir book this morning, between weeding and getting the girls comfortable this morning. Was ok.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Also Reading...

"Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs" by Famous and Obscure Writers
So far, it's pretty interesting!! :) What would your 6 word memoir be?? :)

Girls' surgeries and long run

Both daughters came through their surgeries, nicely. The oldest had a bit harder time with the anesthesia but seemed more like herself the next day. They are both very tired today and are complaining of sore ears (the tonsils are connected to the same nerve as the ears, apparently). The next three days should be quite painful as the scabs are forming and can be very bothersome. They have medication, that is doing well with the pain, but makes them feel "cloudy", which they do not like. I don't like that feeling, either, unless it's from a good wine. ;) (Speaking of, I can't remember if I mentioned that we tried this and really liked it?) Seriously, I know that frustrating feeling from medications, but am not sure we should stop it quite yet. Their doctor said they should stay on it until the scab-forming days, so that it will be easier for them to drink (which makes the process less painless!! As well as faster healing!!!) My mantra for them has been:"Girls, drink drink drink!" And they listened the first day wonderfully, now it's a pain for them. Our oldest used a remote and "tried to turn me off." :) Ah, a medicated comedian... :) We also have to wake them up every four hours for meds and liquids, so they don't wake up in agony from sore throats and scabs that got too dry.
I was supposed to get my long run in yesterday, but after getting up to give the girls their meds (and being worn out from Friday's worrying, which I am very good at... :)) I passed it up. It was also thundering and lighting where we normally meet the group, although in hindsight it passed about a half hour after start time. I'm betting most of the normal group went. We got up and went to church today (after celebrating the hubby's special day, of course-Father's Day) and then I went on my run. Was a hot one, but I did it. I finished my first double digit mileage for this season! Woo hoo! It wasn't a great time, but I wasn't "defeated", either.
That's all for now. Have a great week!
Oh, the "Writing Class" book: I finished it and I give it a 3/5 stars. The character development was good, and a mystery doesn't usually keep me in the dark as long as this one did, as per the identity of the criminal. However, some of the language and situations were more inappropriate than I expected which was a bummer. But, now I'm onto "Shopgirl", a novel written by comedian Steve Martin. It was a "staff pick" at our library.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vacation: Day 2

Yesterday, on Vacation Day 1, we three girls went strawberry picking. Delicious berries, red, ripe, sweet. So much better than the grocery's berries, and cheaper, too. A delight when you eat them straight from the plant. All the kids had a wonderful time. Then in the afternoon and evening, we went over to a friends for homemade pizza. I brought berries. :)
Today we went to the library to sign up for their annual summer reading program. I don't usually sign up for the adults' reading program, but today I did. Then we headed to Joann Etc., a craft store. We got the girls each a craft to do in the upcoming recovery week. After that we headed directly to lunch with my mother-in-law. We had a wonderful visit, as usual. :)) We headed home, worked on chores (the girls wouldn't feel like doing them tomorrow, and I'd have to do them myself! ;)) I promised a trip to the local pool if they finished. Our oldest has piano, and then we're heading to the pool after. :) Hopefully these sweltering days have heated up the water? Last year it was VERY cold. Blech. I don't like cold pool water. :) So, a great first two days of vacation. Tomorrow comes the tough day: tonsils removed in the morning. Please send good thoughts our way! :)
Oh, the book I'm reading is "The Writing Course" by Jincy Willett which is very interesting thus far! I'm on page 72, so hopefully the intrigue continues! :)
We also received our postcard from Tennessee today, which marks our 14th one, so far!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


No, this isn't a post, like Momo's about triathlons or wet suits. :) It's about all the thoughts swimming around in my head.
First, today my girls finished the 2007-2008 school year. My oldest will now be an eighth grader and my youngest will now be a fourth grader. Time truly has flown. Seems like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting third and seventh grade to start. Both are excited for summer break, albeit nervous about tonsil removal Friday.
Teaching jobs are not posted in the district my daughters are in, yet, and I'm hoping to find a full time job for fall. I did find one in a different school district than my kids are in, and am posting an application. I'm not being picky, but it would be tough when they're breaks/vacations are at different times. We'd work around it if we had to, though. And I really like the district they're in, as well. God will put me where He wants me, right? :) I've been updating my resume, as well.
In other news, some friends of ours have a family member in Iraq who was injured the night before last. They're very worried, obviously. The family is awaiting news.
Running is continuing. I'm sticking with the weekly schedules and working on getting stronger. Humidity and heat were a bit less today, but my legs were very sore. I'm hoping it's just that I'm still building strength in them. They only hurt in the last mile (of 5) today, and haven't bothered me since I cooled down.
Scrapbooking has been virtually nonexistent lately, even though I'm interested in doing it. I know I've probably mentioned this before: that's the trouble with hobbies, for me; that I know there are other things to get ready/do, that I don't sit down and accomplish anything towards my "hobby". Then I remember that I sat and vegged with the hubby in front of the tv, and could scrapbook on those evenings...but, I enjoy time with the husband in the evenings. :)
Tomorrow we are off to pick strawberries, I think, with my sister-in-law and her four children. Hopefully the heat hasn't ruined them! :) Fresh berries, mmmm, my mouth is watering now. :) Could be a wonderful component for a smoothie to sooth a sore throat after tonsil surgery! :)
Well, here we have skipped spring and moved right into the full brunt of summer heat and humidity. It's rarely, if ever, this hot at this time of year, here, so I'm dreading what our "hot" months will be like. Our injured neighbor boy, with the cast, is not enjoying the heat and not being able to get that cast wet!! He's healing well, though. I hope you're not experiencing inclimate weather, such as high heat or flooding. I also hope you and your families are doing well, as well as all our soldiers-safety and good health!

Friday, June 06, 2008


I had to get my long run in today because we are headed out to see the husband's grandparents this evening through tomorrow. I normally do the long runs with the group on Sat. It will be around 93 or so tonight, so this morning was the best time. I was going to try ten... well, I ran for 77 minutes, which was a little over 9 minutes per mile, so about 8 miles, again. The temp was 72, which wouldn't have been bad except for the 77% humidity! It felt like the air was so thick! Today's run was not fun. I did, however, see 5 different bunnies, two chirping robins, a bright bluebird and two sneaking cats. I also picked up three pennies in the early going of my run, and due to my exhaustion, I passed by twelve more cents. The three pennies jingling in my shoe were plenty, anyway.

My grandpa used to be a coin collector and I think of him every time I pick up coins. Some people think coins are insignificant... after all they cost more to make than they are worth, but they are worth memories to me. My grandpa was my mom's dad. Red hair, and the stereotypical "red-head's" temper that goes with it! :) He was also a gifted woodworker. He made us breadboxes for our weddings, hope chests for our graduations, jewelry boxes for each little girl, and for my daughters, he made baby doll cradles. In fact, he finished my youngest daughter's doll cradle the day before he died. His workshops always smelled like varnish or freshly cut wood. He has been gone for nine years, almost, and I miss him very much.

Yesterday I got to have a cuppa tea with a dear friend. It was a bittersweet tea-not the flavor, the feeling. It had been a while since we'd chatted and caught up, so it was great to catch up. She's the kind of friend that you can not see for a while, due to busy kids as well as our own schedules, and then when you get together, you just fall right back into place, chatting as though you'd never been apart. The sad part is that she's moving back to her home: England. Her family of four have been packing up or selling their items so they can move in July. With email and "snail mail" we'll be able to keep in close touch, and my husband said they were a great reason to visit England! :) Still a sad parting it will be when they move.

Today is the last Friday of the girls' schoolyear. They have two more school days. Hard to believe. As well as tonsil surgery being a week away! That's all for now! Hope your summer isn't too hot already!