Tuesday, June 10, 2008


No, this isn't a post, like Momo's about triathlons or wet suits. :) It's about all the thoughts swimming around in my head.
First, today my girls finished the 2007-2008 school year. My oldest will now be an eighth grader and my youngest will now be a fourth grader. Time truly has flown. Seems like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting third and seventh grade to start. Both are excited for summer break, albeit nervous about tonsil removal Friday.
Teaching jobs are not posted in the district my daughters are in, yet, and I'm hoping to find a full time job for fall. I did find one in a different school district than my kids are in, and am posting an application. I'm not being picky, but it would be tough when they're breaks/vacations are at different times. We'd work around it if we had to, though. And I really like the district they're in, as well. God will put me where He wants me, right? :) I've been updating my resume, as well.
In other news, some friends of ours have a family member in Iraq who was injured the night before last. They're very worried, obviously. The family is awaiting news.
Running is continuing. I'm sticking with the weekly schedules and working on getting stronger. Humidity and heat were a bit less today, but my legs were very sore. I'm hoping it's just that I'm still building strength in them. They only hurt in the last mile (of 5) today, and haven't bothered me since I cooled down.
Scrapbooking has been virtually nonexistent lately, even though I'm interested in doing it. I know I've probably mentioned this before: that's the trouble with hobbies, for me; that I know there are other things to get ready/do, that I don't sit down and accomplish anything towards my "hobby". Then I remember that I sat and vegged with the hubby in front of the tv, and could scrapbook on those evenings...but, I enjoy time with the husband in the evenings. :)
Tomorrow we are off to pick strawberries, I think, with my sister-in-law and her four children. Hopefully the heat hasn't ruined them! :) Fresh berries, mmmm, my mouth is watering now. :) Could be a wonderful component for a smoothie to sooth a sore throat after tonsil surgery! :)
Well, here we have skipped spring and moved right into the full brunt of summer heat and humidity. It's rarely, if ever, this hot at this time of year, here, so I'm dreading what our "hot" months will be like. Our injured neighbor boy, with the cast, is not enjoying the heat and not being able to get that cast wet!! He's healing well, though. I hope you're not experiencing inclimate weather, such as high heat or flooding. I also hope you and your families are doing well, as well as all our soldiers-safety and good health!

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momo said...

oh, jennifer, i hope your friend's family member is safe. i'll be praying!

i'll be thinking about you all on friday. i know things will be just fine and come saturday and sunday, there will be a lot of ice cream eating around your household!

big hugs!!!