Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vacation: Day 2

Yesterday, on Vacation Day 1, we three girls went strawberry picking. Delicious berries, red, ripe, sweet. So much better than the grocery's berries, and cheaper, too. A delight when you eat them straight from the plant. All the kids had a wonderful time. Then in the afternoon and evening, we went over to a friends for homemade pizza. I brought berries. :)
Today we went to the library to sign up for their annual summer reading program. I don't usually sign up for the adults' reading program, but today I did. Then we headed to Joann Etc., a craft store. We got the girls each a craft to do in the upcoming recovery week. After that we headed directly to lunch with my mother-in-law. We had a wonderful visit, as usual. :)) We headed home, worked on chores (the girls wouldn't feel like doing them tomorrow, and I'd have to do them myself! ;)) I promised a trip to the local pool if they finished. Our oldest has piano, and then we're heading to the pool after. :) Hopefully these sweltering days have heated up the water? Last year it was VERY cold. Blech. I don't like cold pool water. :) So, a great first two days of vacation. Tomorrow comes the tough day: tonsils removed in the morning. Please send good thoughts our way! :)
Oh, the book I'm reading is "The Writing Course" by Jincy Willett which is very interesting thus far! I'm on page 72, so hopefully the intrigue continues! :)
We also received our postcard from Tennessee today, which marks our 14th one, so far!

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