Sunday, June 15, 2008

Girls' surgeries and long run

Both daughters came through their surgeries, nicely. The oldest had a bit harder time with the anesthesia but seemed more like herself the next day. They are both very tired today and are complaining of sore ears (the tonsils are connected to the same nerve as the ears, apparently). The next three days should be quite painful as the scabs are forming and can be very bothersome. They have medication, that is doing well with the pain, but makes them feel "cloudy", which they do not like. I don't like that feeling, either, unless it's from a good wine. ;) (Speaking of, I can't remember if I mentioned that we tried this and really liked it?) Seriously, I know that frustrating feeling from medications, but am not sure we should stop it quite yet. Their doctor said they should stay on it until the scab-forming days, so that it will be easier for them to drink (which makes the process less painless!! As well as faster healing!!!) My mantra for them has been:"Girls, drink drink drink!" And they listened the first day wonderfully, now it's a pain for them. Our oldest used a remote and "tried to turn me off." :) Ah, a medicated comedian... :) We also have to wake them up every four hours for meds and liquids, so they don't wake up in agony from sore throats and scabs that got too dry.
I was supposed to get my long run in yesterday, but after getting up to give the girls their meds (and being worn out from Friday's worrying, which I am very good at... :)) I passed it up. It was also thundering and lighting where we normally meet the group, although in hindsight it passed about a half hour after start time. I'm betting most of the normal group went. We got up and went to church today (after celebrating the hubby's special day, of course-Father's Day) and then I went on my run. Was a hot one, but I did it. I finished my first double digit mileage for this season! Woo hoo! It wasn't a great time, but I wasn't "defeated", either.
That's all for now. Have a great week!
Oh, the "Writing Class" book: I finished it and I give it a 3/5 stars. The character development was good, and a mystery doesn't usually keep me in the dark as long as this one did, as per the identity of the criminal. However, some of the language and situations were more inappropriate than I expected which was a bummer. But, now I'm onto "Shopgirl", a novel written by comedian Steve Martin. It was a "staff pick" at our library.

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