Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter "break"

We are on winter break. It is a break from school, but a foray into extra housework! :) We worked on both girls' rooms on Wednesday, purging, reorganizing, cleaning and rearranging. On Wednesday I also cleaned out my "junk drawer" and three cupboards. Then, on Thursday, I finished putting away all the Christmas decorations (as well as the husband removing the tree) and I got out my collection of snowmen. They relieve the sadness of removing Christmas decorations. I also rearranged the living room furniture. My goal of achieving things around home before I begin the longterm substitute position has been met thus far!
So far, today, I have cleaned out the pots and pans cupboard and am moving onto a fun task: reorganizing my scrapbook supplies, having gotten some for gifts for Christmas. I also need to decide what album to begin next, and assemble the supplies I will use for it. Over the last two months I was busy making gift albums for my in laws and parents, so I need to put that stuff away, as well.
I did get my cards written and out in the mailbox five minutes before the mail truck came on Friday-the last day to mail local cards! I wrote a note in almost all of them, running out of time required a typed note in a few! I have a few "Happy New Year" notes to people who sent me cards that I received on the 24th or 26th.
We have had some fun visits with family in the last two weeks. We went to my hometown to see my family last weekend and enjoyed getting to see them. We got to see some family I hadn't gotten to spend quality time with, too, which was great! Then we had my husband's parents, grandmother and sister here for Christmas eve. They attended our church service with us and then we had dinner at our house. We made turkey, avocado, bacon, and spinach wraps, sweet potato fries (yes, homemade), and cantaloupe with creme brulee for dessert. We also tried something new for adults: butterscotch martinis, which those who tried them enjoyed!
Then, on Christmas day, we woke up early to our daughters' voices. They had woken up at 5:45am, but knew our earliest limit was 6. They say they tried to go back to sleep but couldn't. :) They came in at 6, and we were done with gifts, breakfast and clean-up by 7:30. Santa was good to them, but the gifts that were exchanged among the four of us were very thought out and thoughtful, as well! Next, we went to the husband's parents', with his sister and brother's family. We had such a nice time, with family, which is what the season is all about!
I also had a mole removed on the 19th, not fun, still having four stitches, but they come out on the second. Hopefully the tests on it come back fine.
I ended up teaching my youngest daughter's class for five days instead of one, due to her teacher's leg injury that required surgery. I have my long term assignment coming up on the 3rd and lasting until at least the 15th of Feb. It will be nice to be in the same place everyday and spending consistent time with the kids. The changes around here should be interesting. :)
My busier schedule has wreaked havoc on my running schedule. I took more time off, and I really noticed it even on my short five miler yesterday. My goal is to get a regular time in my schedule to have time for running! But, we'll see, work and family come first...
That's all the rambling I have for you right now. I hope you all are well, holidays have gone smoothly, and the new year comes in positively for you!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Loved this

Saw this on someone else's blog and loved it. Here's to the crazy ones!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


We have had a busy December, thus far! On the 1st, we went and cut our tree. Our yearly tradition is to start the day at Tim Horton's with my husband's parents. Then the six of us take the looooong drive to the tree farm, wander about looking for that "perfect" tree, and we choose the one we want. Then we cut it down, drag it back, pay and head into town. This is where we have lunch at a little "mom and pop", old fashioned restaurant. After lunch is the long drive home, the husband sets up the tree, puts the lights and angel on and then the girls and I decorate.
Since then we have gone shopping, for family, friends, and the church's giving tree, played some family games, made ornaments, my husband and younger daughter had a "Y-Tribe, Indian Princess" meeting here at our house where they decorated small gingerbread houses, and got together with my husband's brother's family. We still have much to do. The girls' school break starts on the 20th, I think. We will head up to my parents' home state that weekend and celebrate before Christmas with them this year, which is unusual, but should be fun... barring no more family disputes...
Then, it will be Christmas, and afterwards, I will be cooking and freezing food because when school starts again (Jan 3) I will have a long-term substitute position. I will be teaching first grade until Feb. 15th. Should be very nice to be in the same classroom everyday and know all the children well. I look forward to the opportunity and hope all goes well.
I finished the first scrapbook gift I was making and am in the process of the second. I hope to get it all done! :) It's been fun to work on something for someone else. Makes me try new things to make it nicer for them.
I am back to a regular schedule in running, as well. I took a break for a while, due to a tired body. My runs were leaving me feeling like lead. So, after a break, I ran 10 miles on the first, 8 last week (on the ice was not fun... I repeat NOT fun), and am back to a 5 mile per day schedule, for now, also.
One more thing. A friend of mine told me she has a "prayer basket": when someone is on her heart or mind to pray for, she puts their name and her prayer for them on a piece of paper into the basket. Then, when she has her prayer time with God each morning or before a long drive when she can pray, she takes a few of these slips of paper and prays for/over them. If there is a resolution, she removes them. I thought this was a great idea... only I didn't find any baskets I liked yesterday, when I thought of it. So, I bought a four dollar tin, two pieces of scrapbook paper and one sheet of plastic stickers (Faith themed). I went home, spent about half an hour-including writing my current prayer concerns-and finished with this:I am happy with it and have prayed over some slips already. The box sits at my office desk and is within reach, as well as easily noticeable, so it won't be forgotten.
I'd love to type more, as I am overdue, but I must go write several Christmas cards. Happy holidays to you and yours!