Thursday, June 13, 2013

Too long

I know, I know, it has been so very long. I have not blogged in about three months. Here are the "Cliff Notes" for now: *the cause of my running injury I mentioned in the last post never was discovered, I rested, stretched, gained some strength and started running again. I'm running between 3 and 8 miles about 5 days per week and I'm happy about it. *My school is out for the summer. Our last day with students was June 6. I worked hard and was ready for a break, although I got teary when my class of 8th graders "graduated". *My youngest daughter has completed middle school and is now a high school freshman, taking summer gym, running for the pending cross country season and attending open gym sessions for high school basketball. *My oldest daughter has graduated. Yes, it flew by. Her graduation ceremony was lovely and her open house was stressful-as I love to visit with people and felt like I didn't get a lot of time to spend with each of our visitors to tell them how much I appreciated their attendance-but wonderful. More people came than expected and it was a perfect day! *Our two old dogs are chugging along, still, although my Merlin, our weimaraner has more trouble walking/standing, etc, each day. Percy, our beagle, gets more crotchety each day, but seems to be doing great health-wise... he may outlive me. ;) *To start our summer we cleaned out our basement and crawl spaces, throwing out 6 trash bags full of junk and taking a car load of things to sell to my mother in law's house, as she is having a garage sale this weekend. *The next day we moved our girls back into separate rooms. They had moved both of their beds into one room several months ago to be together, knowing it will be rare once fall and college life come, and moved their other pieces of furniture into the other bedroom. They have decided they need time in rooms away from each other from now till moving day-bittersweet for me to see and agony for our youngest as the idea was approached. They are doing ok with their rooms cleaned and organized, and separate sleeping. *Next purging task? My office. I have such a cluttered space right now, and as I love to do to start summer/then fall, clean and organize my space! *Project Life-I kept up with it until the end of April. Now I'm a bit behind, but I am ready to order pictures and tackle it, catching up. Only about two months worth of photos and documenting to get caught up... ;) That's all for now. I promise not to wait three months-I'm on summer break! :)