Saturday, August 23, 2008


I finished 7 miles today! 9 minute mile pace, so I was really happy! I didn't feel great and it wasn't as cool as it has been when I headed out. But, I did it! :) I'm not feeling totally like myself, but I do feel like I'm headed there.
Olypmic comments: Women's marathon, Deena Kastor, ugh. Looking for Ryan Hall or the other US men to pull out a medal!
School starts this week. I'm excited and nervous. I wonder if it's because I'm subbing in someone else's room, with their way of doing things, or if I will get excited and nervous each fall, starting with a new class?
Practices for my daughters have begun. Our oldest is running cross country, and has her first meet Tuesday. Our youngest started soccer, including an hour and a half of practice in the heat of the day today.
Our dogs went to the vet last week (thank you, dear husband-he took both dogs to one appt.) Our little chubby beagle has lost 8 pounds in a year! Woo hoo! He's still about 5 pounds overweight. He was like that when we got him, truly. :) He eats weird things all the time; anything he can find! Mulch, rubberbands, string, feathers, leaves, anything he finds! Yes, often he gets sick. The vet just said he's strange. :) Our weimaraner hates going to the vet, and they've never been mean to him or anything. He's just a spaz.
Two interesting finds this week: Baby Love Letters is a site with questions to get you thinking about letters to write to your children, to leave them/give to them. Pretty neat idea, even though I have kids not babies, it would still be neat to write to them. Grandkids, someday, too.
One article they referenced on Baby love letters was about a daughter who had letters from her dad. Appropriately named Letters from Dad.
Another interesting site: I've added Cari to my prayer list. Wow, an incredible woman, and fighter. Visit her site to be updated on her progress.
I have tons to do, kids to take places, get the food ready for life group tomorrow, among other things, but I already cleaned yesterday...
Have a great weekend!! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008


I took those few days of running off when I thought I had a stress fracture. Then I got some stretches from Momo, which also helped! My last few runs had been so wonderful! :) I ran six miles on Saturday at an 8:50 pace, which is an improvement from the last few months. Then today I ran 3.44 miles in 26 minutes. I biked 7 miles (to our local library and back) in 30 minutes, today, also. :) The weather has been wonderful, although it's supposed to get much warmer this week. I saw a baby bunny on the path this morning, and a bird chasing a moth. Not good for the moth, but interesting to watch! :)) Ahhh, a wonderful way to start my day!

I listened to the first half of the Great Gatsby this week. It's harder to listen to than To Kill a Mockingbird was. But still, it made my hour at the grocery go by much quicker. :) I got quite a few things so I can cook today/tomorrow meals to freeze.

I met with a principal for the long-term first grade subbing job last week. Wonderful lady, and the teacher was just as warm and welcoming. There hasn't been anything posted that I can apply for full time. Lots of jobs filled internally, I guess, as well as returning teachers from maternity leave. But this will be fun! Another first grade, starting out their first year as all-school-day-attenders. :) I should be done around Christmas. Just in time to do shopping? :))

We still are in need of about 10 postcards. We've done pretty well, though, as we have quite a few countries, too! It's been fun receiving them in the mail, looking at them, even the stamps!
We still need: Georgia, (which will probably be coming soon) Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska (we know someone visiting there next week, so we'll probably receive that soon), New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont (our daughter's friend is moving there soon, and have promised to send that one), and Wyoming. We have a postcard from almost every continent: several from the US, one from Canada, three from Africa, some great photo ones from Australia, one South America, two Europe and three from Asia. No Antarctica postcards, however. :)

My daughters and I start school next week. Can't believe summer's almost over already! We have school supplies, most school clothes for them finished. I'd like an outfit or two: wrinkle free! :) I organized my closet (and helped them do theirs!) last week. Lots of ironing to do! I need to get a few mix and match pieces, so I can spend little money, but not wear the same outfit day after day! :)

Well, I think that is all for now. Hope you are doing well!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good news

Dr. seems to think it's not a stress fracture but is leaning towards shin splints! Yeah! :) The three days I took off seem to have had a positive effect. The husband and I ran a nice easy run yesterday for about half an hour and it went well. Just thought I'd update you!
Also, some good news, our family was baptized this weekend! I was "sprinkled" as a child, but the other three hadn't been. In our church the method of baptism is immersion, by your own choosing. So, my husband was first, and then he did the rest of us! It was amazing and a memory I will cherish forever! Just a wonderful blessing.
I finished To Kill A Mockingbird this weekend, while cooking for a reception we had here after the baptism (homemade apple coffeecake, two kinds of quiche/one with ham and one with bacon, a new muffin recipe, a fruit salad, and a different fruit salad with dressing were on the menu, as well as breakfast sausage, coffee, etc. :))
Anyway, I spent a lot of time Saturday cooking, and then got up early Sunday to finish up, and had downloaded the cds to my ipod. I listened and the time went quickly. I had read the book in high school, remembered that I liked it, but not the details and events. It was a fun "read" this time around, as well. :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Dreading News...

Nothing life threatening, let me start off by saying, and that I know people have some very tough stuff in their lives. This isn't major, but it will be frustrating, if the dr is correct...
I went from pain when I ran in my leg to pain all the time. I headed to the dr, just to double check. Well, I really went so they could say, "just a little muscle strain, take a day or two off, advil, stretch and ice, and you're good to go"... but she said it sounds like a lovely stress fracture. She squeezed my leg and brought me close to tears. So, we chat a bit more. I had one, same place and other leg, back in tenth grade. Had to wear the big boot with the gear at the ankle. She said if that was recommended for me then, then it's entirely possible they might recommend it for me now... but that's IF it's a stress fracture. Got the X rays before the place closed this afternoon. They were supposed to call when they got the results of those and tell me how to proceed. If it didn't show up (stress fractures don't for a while) then I would get an MRI early next week. If it did, I proceed to orthopedic dr. Woo Hoo. I'm about to tear up thinking about it. For them to tell me to "not run" for 6-8 weeks. UGH! I'm so back in the habit, feeling stronger breathing-wise, and leg muscle strength. Had myself talked into the half marathon in the fall... We'll see. But the prognosis didn't sound good.