Saturday, August 23, 2008


I finished 7 miles today! 9 minute mile pace, so I was really happy! I didn't feel great and it wasn't as cool as it has been when I headed out. But, I did it! :) I'm not feeling totally like myself, but I do feel like I'm headed there.
Olypmic comments: Women's marathon, Deena Kastor, ugh. Looking for Ryan Hall or the other US men to pull out a medal!
School starts this week. I'm excited and nervous. I wonder if it's because I'm subbing in someone else's room, with their way of doing things, or if I will get excited and nervous each fall, starting with a new class?
Practices for my daughters have begun. Our oldest is running cross country, and has her first meet Tuesday. Our youngest started soccer, including an hour and a half of practice in the heat of the day today.
Our dogs went to the vet last week (thank you, dear husband-he took both dogs to one appt.) Our little chubby beagle has lost 8 pounds in a year! Woo hoo! He's still about 5 pounds overweight. He was like that when we got him, truly. :) He eats weird things all the time; anything he can find! Mulch, rubberbands, string, feathers, leaves, anything he finds! Yes, often he gets sick. The vet just said he's strange. :) Our weimaraner hates going to the vet, and they've never been mean to him or anything. He's just a spaz.
Two interesting finds this week: Baby Love Letters is a site with questions to get you thinking about letters to write to your children, to leave them/give to them. Pretty neat idea, even though I have kids not babies, it would still be neat to write to them. Grandkids, someday, too.
One article they referenced on Baby love letters was about a daughter who had letters from her dad. Appropriately named Letters from Dad.
Another interesting site: I've added Cari to my prayer list. Wow, an incredible woman, and fighter. Visit her site to be updated on her progress.
I have tons to do, kids to take places, get the food ready for life group tomorrow, among other things, but I already cleaned yesterday...
Have a great weekend!! :)


momo said...

back to all the schooltime busy-ness, huh? its the same with my two. practices and homework. i don't remember being that busy when i was a kid!

Isabelle said...

I'm feeling exactly like myself, but this means I couldn't possibly run 9 miles.

But I'm delighted that you can!