Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good news

Dr. seems to think it's not a stress fracture but is leaning towards shin splints! Yeah! :) The three days I took off seem to have had a positive effect. The husband and I ran a nice easy run yesterday for about half an hour and it went well. Just thought I'd update you!
Also, some good news, our family was baptized this weekend! I was "sprinkled" as a child, but the other three hadn't been. In our church the method of baptism is immersion, by your own choosing. So, my husband was first, and then he did the rest of us! It was amazing and a memory I will cherish forever! Just a wonderful blessing.
I finished To Kill A Mockingbird this weekend, while cooking for a reception we had here after the baptism (homemade apple coffeecake, two kinds of quiche/one with ham and one with bacon, a new muffin recipe, a fruit salad, and a different fruit salad with dressing were on the menu, as well as breakfast sausage, coffee, etc. :))
Anyway, I spent a lot of time Saturday cooking, and then got up early Sunday to finish up, and had downloaded the cds to my ipod. I listened and the time went quickly. I had read the book in high school, remembered that I liked it, but not the details and events. It was a fun "read" this time around, as well. :)


momo said...

i'm so relieved!! i've had shin splints before and they're awful - take good care of them and you'll be 100% in no time.

thanks again for sharing the baptism pictures - i am so happy that your family was able to enjoy this blessing together.

Stacy said...

sorry about the shin splints -- everything else sounds wonderful. I read your comment on my blog and wanted to get back to you-- yes, that is a little sparkly brad (KI Memories) on my layout of Addie -- thanks for stopping by!

Isabelle said...

Hope the leg improves soon. (I knew I was right not to do all that running...)