Monday, July 30, 2007

The latest

Our patio didn't get finished until today, due to thunderstorms. But, it's finished today, some clematis were inserted to grow up the arbor posts, some ornamental grasses, a fernleaf buckthorn tree to grow up and shield the air conditioning unit, and sod where they hadn't placed it, yet. It is lovely! The husband and I sat out there and played mancala (mancala rules) last night with a glass of wine. (Here is an online version of mancala-fun!)It was a wonderful end to a busy weekend!

The grandparents' anniversary party was terrific; many family, good food, games of cornhole, including a family bracket/tournament and great weather! We got to see children we hadn't seen in a year, so they'd changed quite a bit. The grandparents hadn't had a cake at their wedding 60 years ago, and got one this weekend, even feeding it to each other which was a treat! I took about 200 photos (the count, of course, is before deleting the not-so-great photos or pictures my husband took of me when I was unaware...)

The thunderstorms also ruined my plans for getting my thirteen miler in on Friday, but I was determined to tackle it on my own Saturday before heading out to the family get together. I did it!! My ipod lost the results again, which stunk. I didn't get to see my average per mile time, but the total was 1 hour and 54 minutes.

I am taking the girls to pool in just a few minutes, but wanted to get a blog in. I hope the end of July is treating you well and the beginning of August greets you warmly...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Arbor

The workers will come and tighten up the cords for the lights tomorrow, after we have decided that we like their positioning. Other than that, we are done! Yeah! Well, they will put in one small "decorative shrub/tree" to the right of the arbor, but they will be done-totally done-tomorrow.
There is someone here, today, also replacing my garage door and I'm happy that will be done, as well! All except for the $$$, that is. :)
I ran the scheduled 14 miles this past weekend and OUCH! I felt great about the 13, but the 14 was the "unlucky number" for me last week. This week we go back down to 13, though, so I can drop that 14th. I'm sure part of my problem was that we did two mega hills in the midst of the 14. Ugh. Anyway, I tried the GU again and it went great.
I finished the latest Harry Potter book-not one to give anything away, it was a proper ending, I thought. There were rumors at the local library today that there would be an eighth book... Though this wasn't what the rumors said, this was what was written about an eighth. I got several new books from the library today, hoping to enjoy them on the new patio, but school is zooming close very quickly!
We are heading out of state this weekend (so my run will have to be on my own...uh oh!) for my husband's maternal grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary! What a special occasion and so many family members will be there, some we haven't seen in quite a while! We're all looking forward to it.
That does it from here. Hope your summer is going well-glad to hear Isabelle isn't totally flooded out! I have wondered if you were in the midst of the water!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Organizing Site

Well, this site is new to me. :) I was searching for a new organizer/planner, as the one I have is big, and bulky...but with the busy schoolyear ahead, I like to have a planner ready! :) Anyway, I was googling some things and came across this site (and I love things that help me organize. :)) Enjoy!

Busy as summer bees

My garden is full of busy bumblebees buzzing 'round my Russian Sage and Lavender. The rest of my garden is looking pretty pathetic. I was watering every morning, even though the neighborhood doesn't like you to... and my plants were still crispy and brown. So, I quit watering and some of them have perished. The new plants I got to replace the beetle attractants didn't have enough time to build up before the heat and drought hit this year. We are in drought conditions. We got a little rain last night, which was helpful for the new patio landscaping and sod that was laid around it, though. Our water bill will be huge this month, I'm afraid. One plant that is doing well, however, is the morning glory that my youngest daughter and I planted from seed. It just started blooming this week and she's excited to see it!
The patio is almost finished. There is to be an arbor on the left side of it, but it hasn't been put in yet. Other than that, it's done.This is the view to the right from the hubby's den window, and the new table we got. The arbor will be at the bottom right of the photo. In this second photo, you can see the ground level and the firepit. Sorry about the screen in the photo, it's another one from hubby's den window.
We've already eaten almost all our meals out there! :)
In running news, I made the 13.1 miles in 1 hour and 48 minutes on Saturday! I was so happy! That was right where I hoped I'd be. This week: 14! This week's four and five mile runs have taken some working up to. I think I need a break, but can't take one. I ran with the oldest daughter at cross country workout yesterday (run by a pair of parents, not official or required). It was fun; they got to see their course, some of them for the first time. It is FLAT! So, hopefully some PR's ahead! :) They ran the course (2 miles) slow just to see where it was, got some water and stretched, and then ran it again trying to get their second mile better than their first. My oldest girl ran it pretty well for her first time, and having ran two miles previous to the actual workout. She did great!
This weekend the husband finished taking down the girls' wooden swingset/playset because they are too big to fit in it! He got down to the last few parts, and asked the girls to clean up the small things while he finished tearing it down...I said, be careful! Those nails are dangerous, they can go through those plastic shoes, etc. Well, the husband says that I worry too much, they'll be fine...and nolonger were the words out of his mouth and he steps on a nail!!! Right up through the shoe, and sock and into his foot-quite a long nail. OUCH! I took him to the urgent care office, where he got a tetanus shot and some antibiotics because the dr. said his shoes were "like a petri dish" waiting to spread germs; that he'd have been better off to step on it in bare feet. I did not say "I told you so"... but my husband did say to the girls, as we left for the urgent care: Girls, this is why you should always listen to your mother. :) He's doing fine, walking on it ok, now.
While we were at the hospital my husband said the nail wasn't rusty...but there was a poster in the office that said "tetanus shots aren't just for rusty nails anymore", that they were for anything that punctures the skin like bee stings, splinters or nails. They used to be good for 7 years, but now they're good for ten years.
In reading news, I finished Water for Elephants, which went fast, but was graphic in some spots, I thought. Not a favorite for me, although I did love the different perspectives of the old and young. I also finished The Good Husband of Zebra Drive, which is the latest in the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books. I read the first two or three and liked them in previous summers. I saw the latest in the library and thought I'd pick it up. I enjoyed it and it went by quickly, as well. I am still in the middle of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with my youngest daughter. We're reading it together. She didn't think she'd like it (mainly because my oldest read the first two and declared that she didn't like the books...) But my youngest likes fairies, magic, fantasy, etc, so I thought she'd like it. She hates when we put it down, now! I am also still in the middle of the Mysterious Benedict Society with my oldest, as well. They are enjoying their summer reading of other books as well! They have been so great about trying new books instead of sticking with the same series as they may have done in years past. They knew what they liked and only wanted to read those. I sometimes get like that myself, (ie the Tea Shop Mysteries)!! :)
Well, enough for now. I'm off to put furniture back where it belongs, as my husband cleaned the carpets last evening.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Well, I met my goals of eleven miles two weekends ago and twelve miles this past weekend. This was the first weekend, the twelve miler, where I didn't feel like myself. I felt like I was lethargic, my legs were lead and my enthusiasm wasn't up, either. This week it's been "work" to get myself into the workouts instead of "fun". I dread the nagging aches and the humidity. This is the first time, this summer, that I've felt so "blah". I'm working on it; reading Runner's World, trying to get myself iced and stretched to stave off some of the aches, and trying to push through it. I am looking forward to our run this coming Saturday, of only 8 miles. It will feel good to know I will have success at a shorter distance-anything ten and under seems like no problem. Then it's onto the next challenge the next week: the 13=half of my goal. So far, all of my long, weekend runs have been between 8 and 8:30 per mile average! And, until this past week, have felt great! Yeah!

The patio is coming along nicely, should be done not this Friday, but the next. It's been slow progress week due to the holiday in the middle and they couldn't come Monday because some of the crew were unable to get here. They have a good base of the wall stones up and are beginning the paver stone work, as well as a LOT of sand and gravel brought in and leveling done. The dogs have not enjoyed the process, but they are surviving. I don't remember if I'd mentioned that our Weim has figured out how to open the door? And he chased a worker to his truck on Tuesday...Other than that, he's been pretty good. :) I recalled that I hadn't sent pictures of my Weim (I don't think...) so, here he is in our backyard in June. Meet Merlin. I will post pics of the patio when it's complete.We had a nice Fourth of July, actually on the 3rd, we headed to the big town nearby for their huge show.It was difficult to take pictures, but I tried. We went with my in laws and had a nice evening of it. Then on the 4th, we had dinner at the in laws' house, as well. A very nice day.

Vacation Bible School went extremely well, and the week totally flew by. We only had 40 elementary aged children this time, so that was smaller than in years past, but fun nonetheless. I have thoroughly enjoyed having the girls home for summer vacation and it has flown by, as well. I can't believe it's already July and zooming along towards August!!

That's all for now. I have to go get daughter #2 from piano lessons. Hope you're enjoying your July!