Thursday, June 22, 2006

What to focus on?

Today I have many topics I'd like to type about, but a short matter of time to write about/weigh in on them. I mentioned in a previous post that the Earth is getting hotter and glaciers are melting, and has just released an article on the web about said heating. Take a look, inform yourselves about global warming!

VP Cheney said that Iraq pullout would be "worst possible thing"...hmm, I saw this headline and thought, I bet if you asked the families of lost soldiers, they'd say the deaths of those soldiers would be the "worst possible thing" but that's just me...

In more personal, unworldly news, the wine tasting party is getting nearer. We are set up with a sitter, we bought the wine last night and settled on food to pair with the wines. We have a wide variety and I'm a little nervous that we got a little carried away there: Most things I've read about wine tasting parties are to pick select topics like "New World vs. Old World" or "Chardonnay vs Reilsling". We, however, will be starting the evening with the wines that the guests are bringing (we don't know what those will be). My hubby will put a tasting amount in plastic cups for each guest and bring out "tasting #1" and then we all taste, write down thoughts, cleanse pallette with bread or cracker and then try #2, and so on. Once we have done this (for four red and four white, if the guests don't produce this amount, we have others to fill in) we will go into the kitchen for food and wine pairings. Hopefully my studying has been correct and the pairings will work together! :) We hope for nice weather so we can migrate out to our patio and the firepit as the evening progresses, too.

In other news, personal news, I finished an awesome book yesterday: "Marley and Me". If you are a dog lover, and I believe, if you aren't, it is a wonderful, descriptive, emotion-filled book. Did I mention that I loved it??!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Ahh, new shoes

I got new running shoes today. I had gotten my last pair in April last year, and from June to Oct. alone last year, I put on 300 miles. I wore those shoes as my everyday shoes, as well, and ran in them the last two months, too. They were worn out. The indents and prints on the bottoms were completely worn off/down. It felt good to put on new shoes, fresh shoes, but the price about gave me a heart attack! It's always painful to spend too much on shoes. But it will feel great tomorrow when I run six miles again, in new shoes. I will be getting out bright and early so I beat the heat.
In need of running shoes? :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Well, it's been a while since my last post again. The life of a mom. :) My youngest is in swim lessons, we have both the girls enrolled in the library reading program, we've been to the library almost everyday (which has increased my reading again, as well!) and both girls have enjoyed having friends over for more than an hour, which is what they get during the week on schooldays. They both have done "homework" from summer bridge books, but not a ton, it is summer. My parents came down for a weekend visit which is always nice! And our Bible study finished up here this weekend, so we cleaned and cooked a little harder than usual. My husband's sister came up from her neighboring state for a short visit yesterday, as well, so we did dinner with her and my mother-in-law. We've begun our planning for our wine party, with some of My husband's coworkers and their spouses, significant others. I have sent out the invitations and begun my "research" so I am thoroughly prepared. :) In the informative I have a few wine sites for you, the reader. I, myself, have started to enjoy a red merlot, whereas last year at this time, I didn't try anything red! I preferred reislings and gweztriminers (sp?) but I'm growing. :) Well, hope the summer is beginning well for you.,1663,FINE_10778_29005,00.html,1972,FOOD_9869_25483,00.html

Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's almost one o'clock

I have ran 7 miles, showered, ridden my bike to a local restaraunt for breakfast and coffee, spent an hour in my garden weeding and planting, weeded our backyard landscaping, helped choose where some new plants would go and eaten lunch. It's only 12:50... so I still have a little while before the hubby and I head out to dinner and a movie...what to see? Not sure yet. In the time allotted before dropping the kiddoes off at the in-laws I will probably help my oldest clean the hamster cage, and begin organizing something...I have a list a mile long but haven't chosen what to start on!

Friday, June 02, 2006


Well, I have waited a bit to write again. It was Memorial Day weekend and we took a trip to my grandparents' cottage. All three of my living grandparents were there, my parents, and my brother and his wife, who is expecting. The weather was wonderful. The cottage is on a lake, so the girls played in the water quite a bit. My husband got sunburned, as well. We came home Monday to piles of dirty laundry, yuck. I subbed last Friday and this Tuesday in kindergarten, again, but then tackled the laundry and got it caught up again. I am currently supposed to be cleaning house, but rain makes me sleepy and want to crawl back into bed.
My husband broke his principles and bought me flowers! They arrived yesterday, they were beautiful and totally unexpected! My husband likes to buy plants which last, whereas fresh flowers look nice for a bit and then die. But, he surprised me this week with a beautiful arrangement. It was such a pleasant surprise. He had told both girls and neither spilled the beans, which is unusual! :)
The girls have just a few more days of school left. They are giddy about the upcoming vacation. My youngest will be sad, after a week of vacation, but my oldest is looking forward to time away from school.
I'm not reading anything at the moment, aside from the Bible study book, the Bible and devotional book for the group I'm leading. I am, however, reading a book to the girls: Judy Moody (was in a mood. Not a good mood. A bad mood.) It is a silly chapter book for kids, but the girls have gotten a laugh out of some of it.
Soccer, dance, tumbling, school meetings, and the like are all over with. Our evenings are pretty free...until the summer activities and get togethers start! :)
Previously, I wrote about my great dog, Merlin, the weimaraner. He is a beautiful grey, he's big and has great ears. He is affectionate and sweet...I could go on and on. However, my second the avenue of informing, I will tell about him. He is a "stepchild", so to speak. His name is Percy, and he was my sister in law's dog. She moved into an appartment and couldn't keep him. So, we said we'd take him for a bit. Then the hubby said we'd keep him...ugh. The dog doesn't like me; it's as if I'm the stepmother and he doesn't like me for taking his mom's place... He is supposed to be full bred beagle, but he seems more to me like a mix. He's just brown and white, with no black. And his tail curls over his back....
He is good with the kids, and my husband, but he gives me a difficult time. I keep trying though, and now, when there are thunderstorms (which he hates) he has come to me, so I believe he's coming around. He stole my youngest daughter's waffle last week, however, and had to go into his kennel.
I think that is all my news. I am off to finish the housework.