Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Well, it's been a while since my last post again. The life of a mom. :) My youngest is in swim lessons, we have both the girls enrolled in the library reading program, we've been to the library almost everyday (which has increased my reading again, as well!) and both girls have enjoyed having friends over for more than an hour, which is what they get during the week on schooldays. They both have done "homework" from summer bridge books, but not a ton, it is summer. My parents came down for a weekend visit which is always nice! And our Bible study finished up here this weekend, so we cleaned and cooked a little harder than usual. My husband's sister came up from her neighboring state for a short visit yesterday, as well, so we did dinner with her and my mother-in-law. We've begun our planning for our wine party, with some of My husband's coworkers and their spouses, significant others. I have sent out the invitations and begun my "research" so I am thoroughly prepared. :) In the informative I have a few wine sites for you, the reader. I, myself, have started to enjoy a red merlot, whereas last year at this time, I didn't try anything red! I preferred reislings and gweztriminers (sp?) but I'm growing. :) Well, hope the summer is beginning well for you.,1663,FINE_10778_29005,00.html,1972,FOOD_9869_25483,00.html


Isabelle said...

So the holidays have started in America? Our schools aren't out till June 30, so we labour on through the lovely warm weather we're having at the moment (but won't dependably continue - though it might.) Sounds as if you're all having fun.

jkhenson said...

when will you go back in the fall, then? We head back at the end of August.I'm glad we're out today it will be around 91 degrees!

Isabelle said...

We go back on - is it 11 August? Something like that. Hmm. Maybe I should emigrate... though I wouldn't like 90 degrees at all. Here, today, it's cool (65?) and slightly damp, for the first time for a few weeks. You can't run in 90 degrees, surely??