Thursday, June 22, 2006

What to focus on?

Today I have many topics I'd like to type about, but a short matter of time to write about/weigh in on them. I mentioned in a previous post that the Earth is getting hotter and glaciers are melting, and has just released an article on the web about said heating. Take a look, inform yourselves about global warming!

VP Cheney said that Iraq pullout would be "worst possible thing"...hmm, I saw this headline and thought, I bet if you asked the families of lost soldiers, they'd say the deaths of those soldiers would be the "worst possible thing" but that's just me...

In more personal, unworldly news, the wine tasting party is getting nearer. We are set up with a sitter, we bought the wine last night and settled on food to pair with the wines. We have a wide variety and I'm a little nervous that we got a little carried away there: Most things I've read about wine tasting parties are to pick select topics like "New World vs. Old World" or "Chardonnay vs Reilsling". We, however, will be starting the evening with the wines that the guests are bringing (we don't know what those will be). My hubby will put a tasting amount in plastic cups for each guest and bring out "tasting #1" and then we all taste, write down thoughts, cleanse pallette with bread or cracker and then try #2, and so on. Once we have done this (for four red and four white, if the guests don't produce this amount, we have others to fill in) we will go into the kitchen for food and wine pairings. Hopefully my studying has been correct and the pairings will work together! :) We hope for nice weather so we can migrate out to our patio and the firepit as the evening progresses, too.

In other news, personal news, I finished an awesome book yesterday: "Marley and Me". If you are a dog lover, and I believe, if you aren't, it is a wonderful, descriptive, emotion-filled book. Did I mention that I loved it??!!


Isabelle said...

Well, I'm certainly glad that your politicians are getting worried about global warming. I don't know how accurate this is, but the general view in Britain is that America isn't doing much to curb its huge use of energy, what with central heating and air conditioning and big cars and so on. We're pretty bad too, but at least there is legislation to slow things down - probably not enough, though. Dogs - no, not a dog lover. More of a cat person, though we don't have one because various of the family are allergic. Hope the party goes well!

jkhenson said...

I wish our oil loving politicians were more interested, isabelle, but they aren't. Citizens are becoming more concious, but I am afraid our government is not. Sorry about the dog book not being to your liking. I will pass more along soon. :)

elephantcom said...

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