Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I know you're incredibly surprised that I have blogged again so soon! :) A few random things I thought I'd post:

I have an afternoon of subbing planned on Friday in my youngest daughter's class. I'm glad she doesn't mind me being there! :)

I ran today, again, for 2 miles. The lack of fitness is frustrating for me. The amount of recovery time after is also frustrating, but understandable since I took 7 weeks off from most exercise altogether.

Last week I had done so well, with running or exercising each day, and given up my evening snacks. This week, however was sliding downhill quickly. I ended up snacking every night this week, thus far, hoping to stop myself tonight... We'll see. :) I did run, so that is better than snacking with no exercise, right? :)

I heard this week that doctors in the US are predicting more illness this year. I wonder why that is. More germs out there that can resist antibiotics? Less people learning to wash hands? Why?

We host our oldest daughter's running team this weekend for dinner, so I'm planning for that, but I wanted to take a break and wish all readers well this week! Thanks for visiting!

Monday, September 07, 2009


Another three weeks have zipped by since I last posted! Wow!

I never did end up with a full time job for the fall. I have, however, done some subbing already. In the last 8 school days, I have subbed 3 1/2 of them! I don't have any long-term assignments scheduled, however I do have two three-day jobs scheduled into the first week of October. So, it's kept me busy and in the schools. They've been personal teacher requests, not the generic jobs I pick up online, which is nice for the ego that was bruised the last time I posted. :) I am also applying to be a substitute in the other local districts, within a half hour of driving around here. Maybe it will turn into a full time position in another district eventually. I've been living by the motto "God needs good substitutes, too" in my mind since I've not gotten a full time job. :) Please, Reader Friends, in the future, remind me of how very much I wanted a full time job when I'm frazzled from the busy-ness of it all: the planning, grading, worrying about my students and how best to teach and encourage them! :) Right now it all sounds delightful! :)

On the "back to running" front, I have been going to the gym in the (early!) mornings and doing 20 minutes on the elliptical machine (burning about enough calories to allow myself that morning iced latte). I have also gone on two short runs, one with my husband in the evening while we chatted about our days-so slow enough to chat and not be out of breath. The other was Saturday, at halftime of our team's football game. It was about 1.6 miles, nice and easy. I was elated to be out and running. I had no pain or swelling either time, which is great news. No worries, now friends, I'm not planning on the marathon or half marathon next month! :) Just easing my way back into it and enjoying the fun of it-the reason I started doing it to begin with. Sometimes, during marathon training, it begins to feel draining, like a job one doesn't like, following the schedule instead of the enjoyment.

Still reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. Just haven't had the time I thought I would with subbing and getting up so early to go to the gym doesn't allow me to stay up later in the evenings to read. My eyes just get too tired. I am still enjoying the book.

Our oldest daughter is enjoying her first year in high school, thus far. She runs her first race next week, after being off for her own stress fractured foot. Her practices have been progressing nicely. We host this week's dinner the night before the meet, getting all the girls on the team together for a good meal, including pasta! Pray for no rain on Friday! :)) We're planning on outside activities, so we hope it works out!

Our younger daughter will play in her first regular game (instead of a four game tournament) this coming weekend, as well. She has thoroughly enjoyed her school year thus far, too. She's been elected captain for the Friday "safety patrol" which is crossing guards at the school. She's so excited!

It is rainy, here, and Labor Day, so no work for most people. No mail or school, and no work for my husband.. well at his workplace. :) He's working a bit in his home office, currently. However, I'm sure I can convince him to take an afternoon nap while listening to the drizzle outside... :) I hope you have a peaceful, positive day! :)