Thursday, September 22, 2011


Grandpa is doing great! Long story-hope to make it shorter, here-over the weekend Grandpa's tests revealed more involved heart issues than originally expected. He had a leaky valve, weak heart muscle, one 90% blockage and two that were 75-80%. His kidneys weren't doing great, either. He had a heartbeat issue, also. So, I headed there on Sunday, leaving my family at home, which was odd in itself. I'm the parent who is usually home with them. :) Gramp went in for a 1-1 1/2 hr procedure (which ended up lasting 2 1/2 hours) and he had two stints placed, one angioplasty (a balloon through the blockage), and his heart stopped and restarted. The doctor thinks the kidney and heart valve issues are due to the heart working so hard to get blood through the blocked places. He is doing well. He got to go home yesterday, already! I hope he doesn't overdo it! He doesn't like to keep still. Although, he is ready to be in his own bed/lounge chair. He said the hospital wasn't a place to get any rest! :) Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. :)

Friday, September 16, 2011


Wow, it's Friday? :)

The week has flown by. I gave two tests today, one in seventh grade and one in eighth grade and I give another on Tuesday to the sixth graders. That means grading for me, and stress for the students. I think testing still is stressful to me, the teacher, also, because I want the kids to have understood everything. I want to know that I have taught them in a variety of ways and that they understand-that is the essence of what is being assessed-have I taught it to them well and have they retained it. Time will tell.

Then the question becomes, if they aren't successful, did they not study the guide I gave them or did I not teach them thoroughly enough?

Running was good these last few days. I feel mentally ready for another try at eleven tomorrow. Hoping for good things. :)

My oldest has a cross country meet, my youngest has a soccer game, my husband will be assistant coaching tomorrow, also. Then we have a dinner out for my sister in law and her fiancee-a "bachelor/ette" get together, but just a nice dinner out.

We got new neighbors yesterday. Such a strange feeling. We moved in here May 2000 and they were here before that. We had broken ground on our home (the building company did ;)) in Nov. 1999. We've been friends with them since we moved in. Yesterday they moved into another home and new neighbors moved in. They are nice people, too. Just a strange thing...especially for someone who doesn't like change. :) Too much this year! :)

As I type, I worry and pray a bit for my Grandpa. He is having a heart catheterization done to check on his heart. He's a tall, lean, healthy man who likes to wander around his acreage or bike over to my brother's nearby home. He had some issues yesterday and now they're checking things out. If you pray, please add him, if not, good vibes are welcome. He's a good kind man who enjoys working hard. He loves to go to a local restaurant and visit with everyone. He never sits at his own table for long. :)

Tonight we have a birthday party for one of my nephews and one of my nieces. Should be a fun evening!

Sunday we are going to a college fair at a local college, where they host several other colleges and we can go begin to gather info for our high school junior. Yikes! :)

Hope your weekend is full of smiles!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On My Heart

Saw this post on Stephanie Howell's blog and this post on Ali Edward's blog. Both REAL, about real things in life. I appreciate that.

Today, on my heart:
1. Every time I hear sirens while my girls are away from me, I pray that it isn't for them. I know it's silly, but I worry when I think of them. I can get so caught up in the worry. I am a make-yourself-sick-worrier. I know God calls me not to, He calls me to give it to Him... and sometimes I do... and sometimes I take it back and worry some more.

2. I am feeling behind and almost overwhelmed with this job. I tell people I'm treading water, not drowning but not yet swimming. Many teacher friends say that is the whole first year... scary. I want to be a smooth, confident teacher, and I'm still learning all the ropes. What if I'm failing these kids? I hope not and I'm working hard at teaching them the material and letting them know I care... but... is it enough?

3. I took three days off of running. Too close to the half marathon to do that. I had been so sore, so worn out, worn down, that I needed the break. I still have a month to go. Did ten miles last week and felt like... well, poo. My legs were heavy, my breathing was labored... I worried that I couldn't get over 10. We'll try 11 this week. Cool mornings like we have today will help.

4. I feel bad when I complain like number three. There are people with much worse situations...

5. I'm so proud of my girls right now. My oldest is taking all AP/Honors courses right now and working really hard. She's doing such a good job, even though it requires a lot of time and effort. My youngest is a hard working, smart girl, too, with good grades. We saw another family at her back to school night a couple weeks ago and they said "Your daughter has such a heart for the Lord! We are so glad she's friends with our daughter!" YAY! :) What a nice feeling. Any kind of faith you believe, it's nice to know, that when she's not with us, she displays good character, morals and positive behavior!! :)) Always good for the heart to hear. :)

6. I'm tired. I'm worn out, and my house is a mess. And I'm only at school half day. No, most days I'm not blogging in the morning hours. :) I take my youngest to school, grab a coffee and go home to grade, plan and organize. I should be ahead, and cleaning house, cooking, etc. Hoping to get to that point.

I hope your heart is full of happiness, today, and the cleaning fairy has visited your house. :) Show your heart today, either on your blog or to a friend. Don't forget to let those people who are important to you know in an outward, positive way, today! :)