Friday, December 02, 2011

December 2

Today, I took a picture of some of our family for my December daily photos. We try to meet on Friday mornings with my husband's parents, at Tim Hortons, before school/work. My brother in law usually comes, and recently has been bringing my twelve year old nephew. Our two girls, my husband and I go.

Today is Friday, thank goodness. The week has been long, and I stayed up way too late a few nights this week-my college basketball team played at 9:35pm one night this week and I stayed up for the whole game-It was a great game and my team won, but wow, it was late and I have felt behind on sleep since!

I have only gotten one run in all week. My husband and I went and walked laps around the grocery store (it's a big Meijer grocery store) and after a few laps we got our groceries. It was really nasty weather outside and we can't walk together on the treadmill! :)

We get our tree on Sunday and I'm so excited! :) That always makes it feel really like the Christmas season has arrived. :)

Thursday, December 01, 2011


Wow, December, already.
*I didn't have Starbucks today.
*I had tea in the afternoon.
*I didn't run.
*I went to see my youngest daughter's basketball game.
*I have a lot of shopping to do for gifts, still...
*Our Christmas cards came today, so I need to label them and get them out in the mail.
*I only have three pages done in my December daily album, so I need to get going before it's December 4th! :)

Hope your December has started well! :)