Friday, December 02, 2011

December 2

Today, I took a picture of some of our family for my December daily photos. We try to meet on Friday mornings with my husband's parents, at Tim Hortons, before school/work. My brother in law usually comes, and recently has been bringing my twelve year old nephew. Our two girls, my husband and I go.

Today is Friday, thank goodness. The week has been long, and I stayed up way too late a few nights this week-my college basketball team played at 9:35pm one night this week and I stayed up for the whole game-It was a great game and my team won, but wow, it was late and I have felt behind on sleep since!

I have only gotten one run in all week. My husband and I went and walked laps around the grocery store (it's a big Meijer grocery store) and after a few laps we got our groceries. It was really nasty weather outside and we can't walk together on the treadmill! :)

We get our tree on Sunday and I'm so excited! :) That always makes it feel really like the Christmas season has arrived. :)


Thimbleanna said...

Sounds like a fun, busy week! And a fun weekend -- getting the tree is the best!

Isabelle said...

Yes, well, I didn't even have one run this week. Much like last week. And the week before. And next week...

Merry Christmas to all your family, dear Jen.

Molly said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Jen!