Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Unfriending People

Yesterday I mentioned unfriending people on the internet. Tara Whitney tweeted a link to an interesting article about it. The article is short and caused me to pause. Hope you are having a good week, safe from Hurricane Sandy's aftermath!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I find it so interesting to observe people's posts on Facebook/Twitter, etc. Today there were comments about what teenage girls were posting, how mean they were, etc. It's funny the tunnel vision people have, as in, their moms post the same sorts of things, and comments to each other. I've even removed one of these parents/ladies from my friend list. This mom who is commenting on why these girls say such mean things... Have you seen the political comments people post these days? It's not about being nice anywhere, anymore. It's the demand for people to see our perspectives or else. It's really frustrating. I've started posting only kindness quotes on Twitter and Facebook. I have started removing friends from Facebook for negativity-political or otherwise. I feel bad sometimes, but it's nice to log on and have something bring a smile to my face instead of making me cringe. My husband and I talk a lot about our tunnel vision. We see flaws in others, what do they see in us? We all have it. How do you teach that to today's youth to promote a generation of tolerance? The teens I see today have no such thing-well, the majority. I feel old as I read this post: "Kids these days" :) But, it is a societal shift away from compromise toward self-centeredness, a demand to be right. I learned in my high school government class that yes, we all have rights, but those stop when we step on the rights of others... but that isn't how we see it anymore, is it? Tolerance isn't just a "politically correct" frame of mind, it's a kind frame of mind... I'm sorry, I get frustrated and have considered logging off Facebook for a while, logging off social media. I'm sure I could get a lot more done. I won't see posts from family or pictures of their wonderful kids... but is it worth the sacrifice? I wonder if many people would? Thoughts, Reader? I hope you are well.

Running, 450th Post

Today is my 450th post. I hadn't noticed how many posts I had written over the years, but just recently saw the numbers on the blogger dashboard. Wow, 450 posts, usually about nothing significant. Only my day-to-day existence. Interesting how my little blog has linked me to some really wonderful ladies around the world! Now I read their blogs and keep up with their changing lives, as well. Running-yes, I'm still running. Husband and I are still training for our half marathon on November 18th. Our eleven miler this past weekend went well, even in the wind and rain. One more long run, this weekend, at twelve miles. Then we come back down to 5 and our race will be that next weekend, I think. This will be husband's first half marathon-he hasn't even run this distance since 2005. He's worked so hard to get back into shape, dropping 40 lbs since January! I'm jealous. He is already faster and stronger than I am, even though I've kept running for so long. I have lost ten pounds since the year began, as well, though, so I shouldn't complain. :) I am happy with my progress, and I'm getting faster. I'm happy my husband is working on being healthy, too! Hope you are well, today, Reader!

Monday, October 29, 2012


Little changes around here like **the weather. Last week was beautiful, sunny and in the 60s or 70s everyday. Today we have blustering winds, rain and a chill to the air. I know it's due to Hurricane Sandy's pending arrival to the midwest, but it feels as though winter is definitely upon us this year. Last year we had such a mild winter... **I changed my hair. I had been in a "growing it out" phase, where I envisioned myself with flowing blonde locks, styled in some sort of elegant fashion. Then reality hit: my hair is thin and fine-hair dressers call it "baby hair". Sigh. So I went back to my normal chin length haircut. I asked for "caramel" blonde and got a much lighter version. That's another change. My regular hair person from the last couple years changed salons. So, I tried, and found a new one. I like her but she only works 10-5 Tuesdays and Thursdays, sometimes Saturdays. Saturdays never work for me since our girls are so busy on the weekends and I am at work during the day. So, I went somewhere else when I should have waited. I fret the whole time, instead of relaxing. But, my hair looks ok for now. I am going to schedule ahead with someone this time! **I changed my phone. I had an older phone that had been replaced since it had problems. I didn't mind. I'm not usually a fan of change. ;) Well, I broke down and got an iPhone 5. It's really a nice phone. Just a few things different than my last phone that I don't love, but it is nice to have everything in one spot-phone, music, etc. **I'm trying to change my daily routine so I can get more done in the day. (Thus more blogging lately ;)) What are changes you are making, or hoping to make in the new year, Reader? Hope you are safe and dry, out of harm's way from the Hurricane!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Today*We had conferences for our youngest daughter. They were "student-led" and she was wonderful. Her grades are great and she gets upset when she isn't perfect in everything, so we knew her academics were fine. Her teachers confirmed that she is a wonderful leader who speaks at the right times. I am so thankful. Today*Our oldest daughter reminded me how much I will miss her next year. She finished up two college applications last night. Today, with conferences, the youngest didn't have school, so our oldest came home on her school lunch time and took her out to lunch. I am reminded how lucky we are that they are so close. I am so thankful. Today*My running has been going well, times coming down, even as distance goes up, but my shins have been very painful, again, as of late. They are swollen and painful to the touch. I decided to pitch a walk or bike ride to my husband, and ended up suggesting we walk a mile or so to a local restaurant, eat and walk home. He agreed and we had such a lovely time. Still seems strange sometimes to go places like that without our girls and see our "empty nest" future. We had plenty to talk about and enjoyed our time together. I am so thankful. Today*My dog snores beside me. His health issues are getting more noticeable. His big fatty deposit lump is very large and he is getting skinnier, sleeping most of the day, now. My husband took him to the vet over the summer and she said she doesn't expect a year out of him, now. The lump can't be removed safely, and is taking his nutrients. He still doesn't display pain or discomfort, other than carrying around the heavy lump. The vet said that most dogs, when they become ill or decline like this, pull away from their families. Mine gets closer, not willing to leave my side, if I'm home, for moments. I am so thankful. {Our other dog gets older and more crotchety, but that's a story for a different day ;)} Today*Teaching went well. In the eighth grade I taught a lesson about the Acts during the late 1700s-Stamp Act, Navigation Acts, Townshend Acts, etc. I had a wonderful activity I had received from another teacher. The kids were active and engaged, they drew wonderful connections. I had them discuss the experience as well as their thoughts as a result, and they were excellent. I was a proud teacher-those moments can be rare sometimes, when you see their growth and enjoyment of history. I am so thankful. I don't know where I'm headed, where my days ahead will take me, but I do know today was a great day and I am so thankful for all the wonderful people and moments that today held. How was your day?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23 2012

I have unpleasant tasks looming ahead. I have the daily tasks like laundry, but our oldest daughter has been helping out a lot with that. I have things to schedule like getting some fillings fixed. They are old, metal fillings that are pulling away from the tooth. I don't want to do that-the shots, the working in my mouth... but it needs to be done. I need to clean out the fishtanks, too. There was a good post I read this morning about "eating the frog" here. I am hoping to work on my daily and weekly schedules a bit so that I can get everything done during the week. I have, however, accomplished some things like grading papers and putting them into my computer grade book this morning. I met with another teacher this morning, as well, to pick his brain about ideas and teaching style. There is still so much I need to learn. He teaches U.S. history and has for about 15 years, so he has much to teach me! :) I am eager to learn so I can be a better teacher. What are you dreading or hoping to improve upon?

Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22 2012

More time has passed than I would care to admit. I have been swallowed into the social media abyss. Checking Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Instagram can be done in a matter of seconds on my phone, but add up those little bits of time and they turn into chunks that steal away my productivity and blog posting. My new phone makes it easier to check anywhere, anytime, which isn't good. My husband and I were discussing blogs. He suggested I create one about my history teaching with project ideas, topics I find fascinating, and teaching resources. I don't sit down to post enough, here, so would I post there? I'm not sure, but it would be fun to try. There are resources out there for middle school teachers, but it usually takes some digging to find them. Elementary sites pop up like crazy when searched for, however. I'd love to be creating an ongoing resource where other teachers could come find what they are looking for. My teaching is going well, still part time in the middle school social studies room. Currently, the sixth grade is learning about the Ancient Israelites, the seventh grade is learning about the Romans and the eighth grade is learning about the French and Indian War. We also will be having discussions about the elections (the process, etc, not who we would choose to have win the election, that would have everyone up in arms and disputing). We have an enrichment period at the end of the day for thirty minutes where all of the middle schoolers get together most days. Mondays are not set in stone, days like today when we have good weather we have fresh air fun, since those days are few and far between as we head into Midwestern winter. Tuesdays are study hall, Wednesdays are Newsbowl. Newsbowl is a variety of questions from current events and we play in our own classrooms as a competition, with each question assigned points. Thursday is a social savvy lesson as we are teaching teenages and most could learn a thing or two. ;) Fridays we meet with our "buddies" from younger grades and do an activity or we have a critical thinking project. Some Mondays or Fridays I have chosen a history topic to talk about, like November 12 we will have a Veteran in to talk about Veteran's Day and their military experiences. As for our family, both of our daughters are done with their cross country running seasons. Our oldest finished up her senior season on Saturday. I did fine throughout the season, but on the way home on Saturday I began to cry. My husband was unnerved, not recognizing the cause of my tears at first. We've been chasing her around cross country courses for six years! And now we are one quarter through with her senior school year. It's gone so fast. Our youngest had her last meet on Sunday. This was her first year running, so there weren't tears, but it is her last year in middle school, so that is also unnerving! I hope you are well. What is happening with you, Reader?