Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Running, 450th Post

Today is my 450th post. I hadn't noticed how many posts I had written over the years, but just recently saw the numbers on the blogger dashboard. Wow, 450 posts, usually about nothing significant. Only my day-to-day existence. Interesting how my little blog has linked me to some really wonderful ladies around the world! Now I read their blogs and keep up with their changing lives, as well. Running-yes, I'm still running. Husband and I are still training for our half marathon on November 18th. Our eleven miler this past weekend went well, even in the wind and rain. One more long run, this weekend, at twelve miles. Then we come back down to 5 and our race will be that next weekend, I think. This will be husband's first half marathon-he hasn't even run this distance since 2005. He's worked so hard to get back into shape, dropping 40 lbs since January! I'm jealous. He is already faster and stronger than I am, even though I've kept running for so long. I have lost ten pounds since the year began, as well, though, so I shouldn't complain. :) I am happy with my progress, and I'm getting faster. I'm happy my husband is working on being healthy, too! Hope you are well, today, Reader!


Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- congratulations on 450 posts Jen. It sounds like you're keeping busy, and as always, organizing and improving your life. Hope you're weathering the storm well!

jkhenson said...

Why, thank you, Thimbleanna~ We have been busy, and weathered the storm well! Glad to see Big Daddy is doing well and those socks were adorable!!