Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Unfriending People

Yesterday I mentioned unfriending people on the internet. Tara Whitney tweeted a link to an interesting article about it. The article is short and caused me to pause. Hope you are having a good week, safe from Hurricane Sandy's aftermath!


Molly said...

Hi Jen! It seems to be only me. Twitter is another thing I've decided not to bother with. Old grouch that I am....It's annoying how many things I'm interested that one needs to be on FB and/or Twitter to get the most benefit......but I am stubborn and it's not like I'll be wondering what on earth to do with all the time I'm not FB-ing or Twittering! This was funny/interesting, especially the punch line! But you wouldn't have to un/de-friend anyone and risk offending them if you'd never been in the position of being "friended" in the first place. I really am showing my age, hmmmm?

jkhenson said...

I started Tweeting, Molly, when my oldest daughter said Facebook is for old people and Twitter is what most people are using. The further shrinking of the English language and verbal communication? I think so! You aren't showing your age, you're showing common sense! ;)