Thursday, November 01, 2012

November 1 2012

Gratitude Here in the United States we celebrate "Thanksgiving" in November. The reason for its celebration have evolved over the years. A good site that talks about it is here, and another, here. Recently it has become a focus on being thankful, grateful. So, I'm going to try {Note I said try, as sometimes I get too busy, once I proclaim a set blogging item} to blog something I am grateful for each day in November. Yes, I am most grateful for my family and that almost goes without posting or I shall post it daily... November 1, I am grateful for my family. I am also grateful for my big dog. Yes, he is a loyal companion, snuggles, etc. But today I was reminded of the little things like when he sneaks into my office just to lay beside my chair. Then, when I head down to the kitchen, he tries to keep his pace even with mine so he can have his head touching my hand. He really is very sweet. Then, when my husband comes in to my office to vacuum, our dog runs and hides behind me... some protector. ;) I do appreciate his presence when the girls have gone off to school and the husband has gone off to work. The house is quiet, yet I hear his snores and I do not feel alone.

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