Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful 14

I am thankful that my husband is my dearest friend. He's been gone on business and I keep thinking I will tell him something that evening. He isn't here to tell. Our phone conversations are different this time, since he is three hours different. We are saying nightly prayers when he is getting ready for dinner, for example. During the evening hours, when we normally catch up on our days, I think of what I want to say to him and he is working. Morning hours, he isn't up yet. And then I am off to teach. I know, for the women who have husbands who are gone often, they must think me silly. I got married to my husband young, and we had children young, separating us from our peers. We lived in a state away from family, so we learned to do things without help, or with each other's help. He has rarely had to travel for business and, well, they don't pay teachers to travel, so I'm not gone often...ever. :) I'm lucky we enjoy each other's company. :) I'm grateful for it.

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