Saturday, November 03, 2012

November 3 2012

Thankful for my girls as always. Our oldest is down on a nearby college campus, staying overnight with a friend in the dorms and going to today's football game. Seems odd to not have her here. So thankful for texting: she knows I'm a worrier and checks in every now and then. My youngest daughter is across the street babysitting for our friends/neighbors. I sat with them for 2 hours earlier, while she was out to lunch with her grandparents. We crafted crowns and then played Sleeping Queens -which is a really fun card game for kids-in our crowns. When they were done with that we went out and drew fairies with chalk on the driveway. I'm grateful for good neighbors-we appreciate them so much, even more since a break in at our neighbor's house. My husband has spent the day working in the garage, making a good use of wall space for storage. I'm thankful he has energy to do such things and takes the time to, even though he has work he has to be doing.

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