Friday, June 02, 2006


Well, I have waited a bit to write again. It was Memorial Day weekend and we took a trip to my grandparents' cottage. All three of my living grandparents were there, my parents, and my brother and his wife, who is expecting. The weather was wonderful. The cottage is on a lake, so the girls played in the water quite a bit. My husband got sunburned, as well. We came home Monday to piles of dirty laundry, yuck. I subbed last Friday and this Tuesday in kindergarten, again, but then tackled the laundry and got it caught up again. I am currently supposed to be cleaning house, but rain makes me sleepy and want to crawl back into bed.
My husband broke his principles and bought me flowers! They arrived yesterday, they were beautiful and totally unexpected! My husband likes to buy plants which last, whereas fresh flowers look nice for a bit and then die. But, he surprised me this week with a beautiful arrangement. It was such a pleasant surprise. He had told both girls and neither spilled the beans, which is unusual! :)
The girls have just a few more days of school left. They are giddy about the upcoming vacation. My youngest will be sad, after a week of vacation, but my oldest is looking forward to time away from school.
I'm not reading anything at the moment, aside from the Bible study book, the Bible and devotional book for the group I'm leading. I am, however, reading a book to the girls: Judy Moody (was in a mood. Not a good mood. A bad mood.) It is a silly chapter book for kids, but the girls have gotten a laugh out of some of it.
Soccer, dance, tumbling, school meetings, and the like are all over with. Our evenings are pretty free...until the summer activities and get togethers start! :)
Previously, I wrote about my great dog, Merlin, the weimaraner. He is a beautiful grey, he's big and has great ears. He is affectionate and sweet...I could go on and on. However, my second the avenue of informing, I will tell about him. He is a "stepchild", so to speak. His name is Percy, and he was my sister in law's dog. She moved into an appartment and couldn't keep him. So, we said we'd take him for a bit. Then the hubby said we'd keep him...ugh. The dog doesn't like me; it's as if I'm the stepmother and he doesn't like me for taking his mom's place... He is supposed to be full bred beagle, but he seems more to me like a mix. He's just brown and white, with no black. And his tail curls over his back....
He is good with the kids, and my husband, but he gives me a difficult time. I keep trying though, and now, when there are thunderstorms (which he hates) he has come to me, so I believe he's coming around. He stole my youngest daughter's waffle last week, however, and had to go into his kennel.
I think that is all my news. I am off to finish the housework.

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