Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Soccer Weekend

My oldest had her first soccer tournaments this weekend. Her team played three half hour games on Saturday, along with the other eight teams in the league. It was played in the round robin fashion. The weather was great. Our girls won two of three, and after an undefeated season, they were quite saddened to lose. Also, in the last game, my daughter got hit in the face by the ball and bent her glasses, which added to her bruised ego. In the first game, however, she played her toughest game ever. Other players' families came over and said that was the best they'd seen her play. They were impressed and so we were proud!
Then, on Sunday afternoon, we headed to the semifinal game. Here we played the regular hour long game against my daughter's old coach and several schoolmates. It was a very exciting game which my daughter's team won 1-0. So, onto the finals which were last night. It was a hard fought game, but my daughter's team lost to a team that they beat two times earlier in the season. They were wasn't the world cup, but it meant a lot to them. Tonight we have a party for our team, desserts and trophies included. At this age, they don't get trophies unless they are one of the two top teams. It should be a nice evening.
I subbed yesterday again, but for second grade this time, for a teacher who runs a tight ship. Eveyrthing was thoroughly organized and the kids were pretty good. I had a nice day.
My younger daughter is pretty excited because it's "spirit week" at their school, which means:
Monday is dress like a friend day (my daughter's dressed like each other!)
Tuesday was mix and match
Today is pajama day
Tomorrow is wacky hair day
and I think Friday is wear a sports emblum day.
My youngest loves it! She went in a nightgown and shorts today, taking her slippers, too. :)
I ran today, started the official training program for the marathon. I ran four miles today and was pretty tired out at the end, but it felt good to cross it off the schedule. I'm going for finishing and reducing my time this year-last year's time was slow, although I am proud I finished. :)
Hopefully I do this year, too!! :)
So I am still informing, which is what blogs are for, as my husband says, here are my fav running sites! Enjoy! :),,s6-0-0-0-0,00.html


Isabelle said...

I'm extremely impressed that you can run four miles. Gosh. I can run about two hundred yards - well, maybe a bit more. Mind you, I imagine that you're a lot younger than I am. But I have never been able to run 4 miles, let alone a marathon.

Does your husband read any blogs, I wonder? Where does he get the idea that their main purpose is to inform?

Girls playing soccer - this is very unusual here. But you sound like a very sporty family.

jkhenson said...

Running has always been fun for me, as I was never coordinated in sports involving balls. I am hoping to do the marathon again, but the training has already worn me out! :)

My husband reads blogs about his passion: computers/developing/Java/Spring, etc. The blogs he visits are written primarily to inform about developer tools. These he seeks for information, thus his notion.

We all do like sports here, and soccer has taught my oldest to be aggressive when the situation calls for it and has thrown her into situations where she must meet new people. It has been good for her. And the coordination aspect of it has been good for my second daughter, as well.

Hope you are doing well.