Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I have been working like crazy these last few weeks. I have been a kindergarten sub, a fourth grade sub and a music teacher (the teacher is on bedrest through the rest of the year, but they have to find a long term sub with a music degree and mine is only in elementary ed.) I have subbed at least three days in the last three weeks.

I have also been to bad weather soccer games, piano lessons, tumbling, school functions, and a Women of Faith Conference since I wrote last. It is always so uplifting and I appreciate going. Their theme this year is Contagious Joy-what a thing to share with others!

I can't believe the end of the schoolyear is so fast approaching. I'm not ready for my oldest to go off to middle school! With all my subbing, my volunteering in their classes and school library has dwindled to almost nothing! I feel bad about this. I have thoroughly enjoyed subbing and being around the kids, though.

I have been squeezing in some exercise, though. My birthday has passed since I wrote last and my husband and I got new bikes so the four of us can ride as a family, which we have done about five times since getting the bikes. I also have picked up running again. It stinks that I'm so winded, when last year I ran a marathon and didn't have to slow to a walk until mile 23. I took too much time off and now I feel so out of shape.

Well, to inform as my hubby thinks all blogs should do ;) here is some information on women runners and heart disease. http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,5033,s6-78-185-0-7552,00.html
With my family history, I could be at a higher risk for heart disease, so I need to exercise!! We've been trying
to eat more organicly, and healthily, with less meat, more veggies.

That's all for today, just thought I'd better update! Hope you are well, reader.


Isabelle said...

Hello, JK, welcome back. I'd just about given up on you! I'm extremely impressed that you ran a marathon last year. Wow.

Three days a week doesn't sound much working to me, though. I wonder what you do with the other two... Actually, I remember the days when I worked part time; in fact, being at home just meant that I attempted to do more in the volunteering line and so on. When you work full time, you just can't do so much else. But anyway - hope it's not 2 months till your next entry!

jkhenson said...

glad to know I'm not the only one reading my blog ;) And it's only been two weeks! :) Hope you're well, isabelle.

Isabelle said...

That's interesting - the last blog entry (before this one) that shows on my computer is March 31 - ok, that's not exactly two months, but nearly. Am I missing something?