Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

Well, it's been raining for the last week, and chilly! I was all ready for warmth and working in my garden. Then the rains began and the temp dropped.
I haven't subbed since Friday, which has been nice. I had time to get a haircut, get groceries, catch up on laundry, prepare for our Bible Study, and tidy up around here. I feel like the things at home get dropped when I work outside the home. The girls keep me busy, as does volunteering in their school, but teaching takes up more time. I have subbed for the last sixteen school days. It has been fun, but I needed a couple days to catch up around here! :)
The girls only have about fifteen days of school left in the year. So, time has flown by again this year. We have soccer tournaments for our oldest daughter on Saturday and then soccer is over until next fall! Some weeknights will be free! :) I saw this article on bhg.com (better homes and gardens magazine online) about happy families and it was interesting, so I educate here: :)
I have only run a few times per week, so that hasn't improved, but hopefully it will. A marathon is a big goal. Hopefully I will someday be in shape again!!
I have now become like the people I know from high school who blog...too long in between updates! And not enough time to type up an update when I do sit down here...
One thing I do enjoy and that makes more time is organizing around here... I saw this site and thought it was good, too.

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