Monday, July 30, 2007

The latest

Our patio didn't get finished until today, due to thunderstorms. But, it's finished today, some clematis were inserted to grow up the arbor posts, some ornamental grasses, a fernleaf buckthorn tree to grow up and shield the air conditioning unit, and sod where they hadn't placed it, yet. It is lovely! The husband and I sat out there and played mancala (mancala rules) last night with a glass of wine. (Here is an online version of mancala-fun!)It was a wonderful end to a busy weekend!

The grandparents' anniversary party was terrific; many family, good food, games of cornhole, including a family bracket/tournament and great weather! We got to see children we hadn't seen in a year, so they'd changed quite a bit. The grandparents hadn't had a cake at their wedding 60 years ago, and got one this weekend, even feeding it to each other which was a treat! I took about 200 photos (the count, of course, is before deleting the not-so-great photos or pictures my husband took of me when I was unaware...)

The thunderstorms also ruined my plans for getting my thirteen miler in on Friday, but I was determined to tackle it on my own Saturday before heading out to the family get together. I did it!! My ipod lost the results again, which stunk. I didn't get to see my average per mile time, but the total was 1 hour and 54 minutes.

I am taking the girls to pool in just a few minutes, but wanted to get a blog in. I hope the end of July is treating you well and the beginning of August greets you warmly...

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Isabelle said...

Mancala? Rules? Cornhole?

As - was it Bernard Shaw? - said, we're two cultures divided by a common language. Well, he said words to that effect.

Glad your running's going well.