Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Arbor

The workers will come and tighten up the cords for the lights tomorrow, after we have decided that we like their positioning. Other than that, we are done! Yeah! Well, they will put in one small "decorative shrub/tree" to the right of the arbor, but they will be done-totally done-tomorrow.
There is someone here, today, also replacing my garage door and I'm happy that will be done, as well! All except for the $$$, that is. :)
I ran the scheduled 14 miles this past weekend and OUCH! I felt great about the 13, but the 14 was the "unlucky number" for me last week. This week we go back down to 13, though, so I can drop that 14th. I'm sure part of my problem was that we did two mega hills in the midst of the 14. Ugh. Anyway, I tried the GU again and it went great.
I finished the latest Harry Potter book-not one to give anything away, it was a proper ending, I thought. There were rumors at the local library today that there would be an eighth book... Though this wasn't what the rumors said, this was what was written about an eighth. I got several new books from the library today, hoping to enjoy them on the new patio, but school is zooming close very quickly!
We are heading out of state this weekend (so my run will have to be on my own...uh oh!) for my husband's maternal grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary! What a special occasion and so many family members will be there, some we haven't seen in quite a while! We're all looking forward to it.
That does it from here. Hope your summer is going well-glad to hear Isabelle isn't totally flooded out! I have wondered if you were in the midst of the water!


momo said...

very nice! hopefully you live in a place where you can enjoy the outdoors and sit out there year round. it looks beautiful and peaceful!

i'm taking my kids to san diego tomorrow to spend some time with grandma - i'm hoping to read the new harry potter while we're gone! its been sitting on my nightstand for three nights now just calling my name...

Isabelle said...

No no, that's England that had the floods. I'm in Scotland - quite different. We were fine.

Thanks for caring, anyway.

Your deck (would you call it that?) looks lovely, though I'd have to admit we don't usually need terribly shady places to sit here.

Christy said...

Wow, the arbor looks amazing. I would like to do something like that one day with our deck.