Monday, August 18, 2008


I took those few days of running off when I thought I had a stress fracture. Then I got some stretches from Momo, which also helped! My last few runs had been so wonderful! :) I ran six miles on Saturday at an 8:50 pace, which is an improvement from the last few months. Then today I ran 3.44 miles in 26 minutes. I biked 7 miles (to our local library and back) in 30 minutes, today, also. :) The weather has been wonderful, although it's supposed to get much warmer this week. I saw a baby bunny on the path this morning, and a bird chasing a moth. Not good for the moth, but interesting to watch! :)) Ahhh, a wonderful way to start my day!

I listened to the first half of the Great Gatsby this week. It's harder to listen to than To Kill a Mockingbird was. But still, it made my hour at the grocery go by much quicker. :) I got quite a few things so I can cook today/tomorrow meals to freeze.

I met with a principal for the long-term first grade subbing job last week. Wonderful lady, and the teacher was just as warm and welcoming. There hasn't been anything posted that I can apply for full time. Lots of jobs filled internally, I guess, as well as returning teachers from maternity leave. But this will be fun! Another first grade, starting out their first year as all-school-day-attenders. :) I should be done around Christmas. Just in time to do shopping? :))

We still are in need of about 10 postcards. We've done pretty well, though, as we have quite a few countries, too! It's been fun receiving them in the mail, looking at them, even the stamps!
We still need: Georgia, (which will probably be coming soon) Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska (we know someone visiting there next week, so we'll probably receive that soon), New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont (our daughter's friend is moving there soon, and have promised to send that one), and Wyoming. We have a postcard from almost every continent: several from the US, one from Canada, three from Africa, some great photo ones from Australia, one South America, two Europe and three from Asia. No Antarctica postcards, however. :)

My daughters and I start school next week. Can't believe summer's almost over already! We have school supplies, most school clothes for them finished. I'd like an outfit or two: wrinkle free! :) I organized my closet (and helped them do theirs!) last week. Lots of ironing to do! I need to get a few mix and match pieces, so I can spend little money, but not wear the same outfit day after day! :)

Well, I think that is all for now. Hope you are doing well!!


Molly said...

I used to love fall and starting in a new, higher class! Loved getting my books and carefully covering them with brown paper covers that we made ourselves. The new clothe part passed us by. After summer dresses and sandals it was back to the gym slip and the brogues!

Isabelle said...

Ah, but the teachers don't love it... Or not unless they're nice sunny people like JK!

RealDivaUnderneath said...

Hey Jen!!
I'm sending the 3 additional Georgia postcards today! I'm still so bummed that the first one didn't make it to you! The sunflower pics are so beautiful, and now one has found a new home on my desktop! Love ya!!

momo said...

jen - have you gotten new mexico yet? i can get you one from there - let me know!

first graders... wow, such little guys. remember when ours were that age? seems so long ago, doesn't it?