Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Back to some other thoughts, off the rambling thoughts about time and it's accelerating speed...
Tonight proved more interesting than expected. We were finishing up eating dinner as a family when an unfamiliar scream filled the air. My husband and I listened for a moment more, making sure it wasn't play-screaming. Another scream, and we both headed out the front door. We knew our girls were safe, they were eating with us. We just headed out the door and in the direction of the noise, that instinct that something isn't right leading us. I heard, "Ow, ow, my arm! Help me!" Our neighbor's door was wide open, with kids on the porch. Some neighborhood boys had been playing ball-tag. Our neighbor's boy had climbed their fence to retrieve a ball(at that age, 8 or 9, who has time to use a gate??) His foot slipped and as he tumbled forward he put his arm out. We went in to find his mom calling 911, him pale as a sheet. He wasn't in tears, just a lot of pain. His arm was bent at an atrocious angle-well, two angles that didn't look right... almost cartoonish. No breakage through the skin, though. My husband had our two daughters take the neighbor's youngest son home and play the Wii. Then we waited with them until the rescue got there. Wow. A lot of excitement in a matter of minutes. It's been about 4-5 hours and they're not home yet. Hopefully all is getting fixed up. That boy was so brave. He even told his mom not to cry at one point. A tough, spunky kid, for sure. What a relief to have those EMT's arrive, too. They were great, as well. They made sure they got his name, and when he said the ice made it hurt worse, they were very gentle, removed it and tried to make him as comfortable as possible. They were great. I know it's "their job", but they did it well tonight. He is just still in my thoughts. Keep the boy in your prayers, please. Thanks!

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momo said...

how's he doing, any news?? sounds like a strong boy, telling his mom not to cry. i think little j would be the same. they have the need to protect us - as small as they are - and that's a good instinct.