Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I sit here to write, all these thoughts, the latest going on here, and I am not sure where to start. Time really flies, doesn't it? People tell you, when you're a child, how time passes faster as you get older. As a child, you scoff and think-how long time goes; a long time until summer vacation, can't this clock go any faster? How long until I'm out of this high school, can't this calendar turn any faster? And then your wishes are granted and the clock speeds up, the calendar pages turn faster and faster with every blink... it seems those "older" people were so right. I watch as my oldest daughter becomes more independent... or wants to be more independent with each passing day, and my younger daughter wants to be caught up with her older sister...
We spent the long weekend with my parents and their parents, a long weekend at their cottage. We used to see them every month, but with our kids' schedules our visits are more rare. Seeing them all looking just a bit older, not much, but a bit... hearing them repeat some of their stories, without noticing, retelling memories. I used to be so bored with those retellings of memories, in my middle and high school years. I used to think "not this story again"... now that I'm older, I can't drink up enough of those old stories, knowing time is fleeting and I won't be able to sit and hear their words and stories forever...
And my fears/worries for my children multiply, as they get older, I think. We used to worry that they'd fall, or get hurt as they challenged the world of the playground... now they don't have us around all the time, and it seems to enlarge my fears and thus, my prayer list! My own parents are young, but I worry for them, also, as they face new health challenges. Nothing life threatening (knock on wood!) but new nonetheless.
This was not the path I intended to type down, but this is where I ended up... and, now, where I end this post.

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