Saturday, May 03, 2008

Birthday and Busy Life

I had my 33rd birthday since I last posted. Had a nice morning with the family, opening some very nice gifts, subbed for the class I did the long-term for, and then went to the in-laws' for a wonderful dinner of chicken marsala. The dinner included my favorites: white wine sangria, steamed broccoli and sauteed mushrooms. Yum! My in-laws are wonderful, thoughtful people who made my dinner after working hard all day, themselves!
I finished up the Beth Moore Bible Study and wish, still, that it wasn't over. I enjoy reading the Bible, but Beth gave a better understanding of how verses from different books were linked and gave background I didn't know. I felt like the books/verses/stories I'd heard growing up were always from the same place. I found many new verses and tidbits during this study that I had never heard or read. It was amazing and I enjoyed it tremendously.
My husband and younger daughter are on their last campout with the Y-Tribe. If I haven't mentioned it before, it's Dad-Daughter scouting. Very fun for them, if the weather was nice! :) About 20 dads and 20 daughters in one big cabin=not a lot of sleep! :)
My oldest and I went shopping for a bit last night, after a dinner with the in-laws. :) Then we headed back home to hang out for a bit. She is having a friend over to spend the night tonight and I will get some scrapbooking done, as it is national scrapbooking day! :) I saw this mixed-up mini this week and wished I was so creative... but I will stick to the "years worth of memories and notes" for each daughter. I'm about halfway through the year for the first daughter, so a long way to go...
Things have been hectic with the husband changing jobs, as well... a long story for another day.
We're in the midst of track season: my oldest daughter has been running the mile, started with 7:21. She's been working at getting it down almost every race since and was 6:52 last week. She's shooting for 6:30 next. My youngest has been really enjoying soccer. She's not a scorer, she enjoys defense and defending the goal, better. Several big kicks and stops into the season, now. :)
I had my big week of exercise that I posted about... then nothing. Subbing picked up and I was walking with the husband here and there, but not too much of anything else. I have ran the last three days and felt good. The spring sun and weather have helped to get me out. Today has been storming quite a bit of the day. Not fun to run in! :)
I have two subbing jobs scheduled for next week. One in fifth grade and one in first grade-so different! :) Still busy, but have a few days this week to hopefully get together and catch up with some friends! (Donna?? :))
I do believe that is all that was on my mind... Hope you are enjoying good health and good weather!

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