Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ahh, the run

I re-checked the distance schedules online. The "alumni" were doing 10. The newer runners were doing 8. I felt like a newer runner, having only been running consistently about two and a half weeks. I could kick myself for letting it all go over the winter! I need to remember this and not drop it all this year! Anyway... I chose to hop into the 8:30per mile group and do 8 miles. I slowed down in the last two miles, but still felt like I was running hard. I finished in 1hour and 11 minutes, which translates into an 8:52 pace. I felt good. I've begun the season! :) It was great to get with the group again, and see faces I hadn't seen since last October! So many more people this year. It's just the beginning, so we'll see how many drop off. :) Today was so stinking humid that it made breathing very difficult.
I got a little nap in, one of my favorite things about long-run day. :) The way your body feels sufficiently tired, like you've earned the nap. :) I will do 10 next week!! :)

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Isabelle said...

Well done that girl.