Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What else?

I've been running again. Signed up for the October marathon training group. Feeling more chunky, out of shape than ever before, but here's to another 26.2! :)
I've been substitute teaching a lot lately, in a variety of grades. I was in first grade today, in a classroom I've never subbed in before. Tomorrow I'm in fourth grade in a room I've never been in before, also. I enjoy seeing the differences in plans, and information. I love writing down ideas I appreciate, with the vision of "someday". :) Today there was a "Superhero Autograph Board" in the room. I asked the kids about it. They said they hadn't done it in a while, but that the teacher had drawn a name from a hat (all the kids' names were in it). The student whose name was drawn would bring in a book the next day to read to the class. They got to wear a superhero cape while they read and got to "autograph" the board. I thought it was a great way to encourage kids to read, as well as read in front of others.
The teacher also had a big treasure chest filled with books for silent reading time; just another way to encourage kids to read! They all wanted to dig in there and pick out some books they hadn't seen in a while. :)
I've been meaning to post about my two favorite tv shows (which are now in reruns) Psych and Eli Stone. Both great shows, but for different reasons.
Books... I'm planning on trying to read some more classics, and reread some others, but currently my husband and I just finished "Dinner with a Perfect Stranger" on cd, on our car trip, and I am reading another book by Beth Moore.
Well, three posts are enough for tonight. I hope you, reader, are doing well.

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momo said...

hey you! i've been mia for a few days and i come back and i've missed three posts of yours... :-)

what marathon are you planning to run in october? i signed up for the nike women's on the 18th - we should do some virtual miles together.

i love eli stone, and it looks like they haven't cancelled it, which i'm really happy about. and funny, something i thought i'd never say, but i'm kinda liking george michael these days too. go figure, hm? remember wham??? :-)