Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the readers who are moms! :)
I had a wonderful day! I started the day with breakfast in bed, made and brought to me by my family. It was delicious spinach and bacon quiche, coffee cake and orange juice, as well as my husband ran out and got me Starbucks: a venti, nonfat, 1/2 the vanilla latte. :) I also opened a very nice gift and cards.
Then we headed off to church, my husband and I were greeters at the 8:45am service. We stayed around home, even got in a nap, then the excitement hit: tornado warnings. Usually the news seems like it's just being extra careful, but today it startled me, a bit. There was a funnel cloud touchdown less than 4.9 miles from us. You could see the change in the clouds out our window in that direction and my husband, who ignored the call to "retreat to your basement" said he could hear the train-like wind sound through our open back door. No major injuries in the area, just small debris, thankfully. While all this was going on, the girls and I were hanging out in the basement, watching the news and snuggled up together.
Once all cleared up, except the rain we had all day, we headed out to eat. We enjoyed a nice dinner, then off to the bookstore. We got the girls' "homework" books for over the summer, some fun reading for when they're resting up from tonsil surgery, and the husband got a business book. I wasn't sure what I was in the mood for... Any suggestions for great books you've read lately??
We came home, enjoyed some family time, said family prayers and now the girls are off to bed. I'm sad the weekend (and the day where I got breakfast in bed! :)) is almost over.
I have subbing four days this week, Wed-Fri is part of it, which are my house cleaning days. Bummer, now everyone will have to help on Saturday morning. :))
Hope you had a wonderful day!


momo said...

happy mother's day to you, jennifer! sounds like a wonderful day. a little scary on the tornado front, but sounds like you and the girls made the best of it by spending some good time together.

i haven't had any time lately to read, but i have a few books sitting on my nightstand. i'll let you know if any of them are good - probably not until after the summer, though.

big hugs!!

Isabelle said...

That sounds like a very unbreakfastlike breakfast!

Happy M's Day to you too.