Thursday, May 29, 2008


I ran today, a little over 5 miles in 45 min. I felt tired. I'm supposed to do 10 with the group on Saturday. I'm nervous. I haven't been over 5 in months. I think I will hop in with a slower group than normal to make sure I can do it... wimpy?
Today I mailed some of our postcard request letters. We still have 17 states unaccounted for. If we don't find people we know in those states, willing to send us a postcard, I will just write their tourism centers and see if they'll help out. We are happy to have received some already! From a few states and from other countries! I have fellow bloggers sending them from AZ and Toronto, as well as a cousin who was in the middle east for her military work. We got a postcard from Qatar! She had a friend, also in the military, send us one from Djibouti, Africa. Very cool collection of postcards we're putting it up on the fridge, right now. It's been fun to learn a bit about each place. Did you know Djibouti was 515 feet below sea level? Yep, and it is on the horn of Africa. I didn't know that Arizona's state bird is the cactus wren, either. :)
Our neighbor boy got home near midnight after his arm incident. He broke through both bones, but cleanly. They tugged on it at the hospital until everything was in its normal spot, x-rayed it and then casted it. So far, no pins, plates or surgery. He's very lucky. They'll see the doctor again in a week to see how it's healing. He was home from school yesterday and doing pretty well. Thanks for the prayers, friends.
Well, that's all for today. The sun is shining brightly and I must go enjoy it. :) Hope your day is going great! :)

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RealDivaUnderneath said...

Hey! I'm so jealous of your running! I am just a "limper" still. Oh well! Your front garden picture is pretty! I'll get your GA postcard in the mail this week, hope you can get one from every state! Love ya!!