Monday, March 21, 2011

Paper Clutter

I'm home today with my youngest daughter. She has what I had last week with the coughing, chest congestion, flu-like body symptoms so I'm taking her to the doctor later this morning, so I'm posting.

I know there are some of my readers who have no trouble with paper clutter. In fact, I don't find myself sitting in "clutter" per say, but I do feel like our filing system needs an overhaul. So, I saw a few blog posts recently and started to think about it again. Yesterday my husband did taxes. Although I was/we were very organized, with a "taxes 2010" folder, I did feel like I was searching for a few things that hadn't been placed into the folder. Currently we have three places for paperwork, many files in too many subcategories, papers saved that probably don't need to be... etc. I need to work on it. And, since I'm home and I don't want to spend all my spring break next week working on it, I am beginning today and thought I'd share the blogs that mentioned it. I hope you are not sitting in paper clutter, but that you find these sites useful. I also hope you've had a positive start to your week!
Organizing your way, creating a filing system that works

Project Simplify, manage your paper clutter

Simple Mom, paper clutter hot spot

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Thimbleanna said...

Paper Clutter sends me over the edge. No matter how hard I try, there's always a pile somewhere. I've tried all the systems. And don't even mention taxes -- I'm sure hubby will be doing taxes this weekend and I'll be spending the whole time searching for stuff. And yes, there is a file for that sort of stuff, but somehow, something is always missing!