Friday, March 11, 2011

Finish It Friday!

Yes, these posts on Creative Organizing always inspire me to post what I'd like to finish over the weekend. It makes me feel accountable, and hopefully, even though I'm not feeling like myself, yet, get more accomplished and feel ready to start the week!

Finish It Friday

To Finish:
*Laundry-we haven't done much this week and are way behind. Need to get caught up!
*House cleaning-always a weekend task around here, and feels so good when it's done!
*Resume and cover letter work-I've been updating and met with a friend of mine to make changes. Now, onto finishing the changes and where I send them, etc. I also need to update my online resumes.
*A long run, if I feel better. I ran yesterday and ended up feeling worse for the wear instead of better (which is usually the case with just a head cold, I run, I clear out my head and feel better...)
*Paperwork-my office desk has gotten very messy. I need to work on our paper files, also.

Play List:
*scrapbook! I have a few projects in the works, as well as Project Life, and a gift I'm making!
*read-my two new books are calling for me to get back to reading! :)
*fiddle with my phone-I got a new phone since mine was down again and the warranty didn't cover it so we got a new one instead of paying for repairs on a phone that would likely break again soon. No wonder that model has been discontinued! I'd like to figure a few things out with it, besides the basics.
*Watch basketball-college basketball: "March Madness" is one of my favorite sports/seasons. I'm excited to be watching things unfold this weekend!
*Work on reading about/listening to podcasts about Italy! We're going to be making a family trip to Italy and have begun the planning process. I am excited to do more research! :)

I have listed ten things... we'll see if they get accomplished. There are many more things I'd like to have on my lists, just to try to get it all done, but I feel like this is a realistic list. :) What do you have planned for the weekend ahead? I hope you are healthy, Dear Reader! :)


Molly said...

Oh! A trip to Italy sounds exciting.....this summer? Good luck with ticking everything off your list this w.e.!

Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, when are you going to Italy? We were just talking about that too -- thinking it would be fun for our family to go in a few years when our son finishes school. Looks like your list is full!