Monday, December 08, 2008

Dec 8

Hm, what fun things did we do today for the December Daily album...
Ran, not as far as I'd hoped, but I ended up on the dreadmill, blech. I don't like running on treadmills. It makes the time pass much slower, makes me feel slower, and I don't get to breathe fresh air! :) But, I ran.
I went to the dentist. Always fun... truly I do enjoy the "clean teeth" feeling. I brush, but the dental appointment is always so much nicer.
Laundry, some Christmas cards...catching up on emails, organizing computer's bookmarks, helped my daughter tea dye some paper. She has to write a journal from the perspective of someone from the American Revolution times. We dyed the paper to make it look aged. After she prints her paper on it, we might burn the edges here or there, also.
I saw that Runner Susan has some coupon information on her site, so I perused that, as well. Some very cool stuff.
In our newspaper this week they stated that happiness has been studied, and it seems that happiness spreads to people like flu. It spreads to one who spreads to others, who spreads... you get the idea. :) So, keep smiling! :)
Well, that is all the bland information I have for you this evening. I hope your Monday was wonderful!

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